3 Day Potty Training

A few years ago my boss told me about potty training his first kid and they used a “3 Day Method”. I thought he was crazy, how could a kid potty train in just 3 days. Fast forward many years and here I am pregnant and with a toddler and thinking to myself “hmm, I think we should try to potty train before this new baby comes.”

So, as I often do, I went to my trusty Pinterest and started checking out potty training options. It seemed to be there were two camps – the quick and the drawn out. Everyone had an opinion on which worked best and I’m certain that for different kids and parents different ways worked best for them. In my time as a parent I’ve learned many things but especially that all parents and kids are different so what works for one set may not work for another.

Either way I figured I wanted to try this 3 day method. If it didn’t work I could easily go with the longer method. So here is our story of potty training in 3 days.

Preparing for Potty Training:

  • Get the kiddo excited about the potty, about wearing big kid undies, etc. Have them help you pick out the potty and undies and talk about what you’re going to be doing
  • Your kid is going to be NAKED, they will love it ūüėČ
  • Make sure you have an easy to use timer, you’ll be using it a lot. Make sure your kiddo understands that when the timer goes off we go sit on the potty
  • Get some potty books to read
  • Be prepared with towels and cleaning supplies to clean up any accidents
  • I recommend a tile or hardwood floor area of your house that you can keep your kiddo contained in (we used our playroom with baby gates up). If that isn’t possible I’ve heard many parents say they do this during the summer when they can spend most of their days outside
  • Remember that accidents WILL happen so be prepared to react appropriately with something like “ugh-oh we don’t go potty on the floor, we go in the potty” and then try on the potty even if they just peed a lake on your floor
  • You will need to watch them like a hawk so no Facebooking, laundry, etc. You need to have 3 days where you can sit and be with them at ALL times
  • Prepare a potty chart and some sort of reward. We did stickers for every successful potty and then a small piece of chocolate after 4 potties or a poop

Day 1:

  • We set up the potty in our playroom and basically just fed water to the kid ALL day long
  • Set the timer for 20 minutes and have them sit on the potty every single time
  • If they go praise them a ton and make a big deal out of it and how proud you are of them
  • If they don’t go just tell them good job and we’ll try again soon
  • Pay close attention to their cues, they may need to go potty between the timer and it’s your job to recognize those things and help them learn to recognize those cues
  • Make sure to talk about what it feels like when you have to go potty
  • Read potty books!
  • Expect a few accidents today, they are learning
  • Don’t sit longer than a couple minutes, there is no use making them literally sit on the potty all day

Day 2:

  • Hopefully Day 1 wasn’t too awful, you got this!!
  • Change your timer to every 30-45 minutes depending on how successful Day 1 was
  • Continue to praise a lot and watch them closely for the potty cues
  • Go with the same process as Day 1

Day 3:

  • Ideally you’ve seen some progression among the days here!
  • Set your timer for every 60 minutes today but remember to keep watching for cues
  • If the first half of the day goes well put on some undies for the second half to get them used to wearing them
  • If they are wearing undies give even bigger praise when they go potty
  • Ideally you’ll see no more than 1 accident on this day

And that was mostly it! By the end of day 3 we had gone on the potty enough times for her to know what it was and not be scared and she had begun to understand her own bodies cues. That doesn’t mean the work stops though! For the first few weeks a timer may still be a good idea, we stuck with every 60 minutes. It was actually a good reminder for myself too. And be sure to always remind them “make sure to tell me if you have to go potty”.

What NOT to expect:

  • Your kid will likely still need help getting their pants off and on
  • They’ll need help wiping
  • Sometimes it takes longer for kids to be ok with pooping in the potty
  • They may want to continue to use the little potty for a while but begin transitioning them to the big potty as soon as you can
  • Many kids are afraid of public restrooms for a while, there are lots of things to help (potty seats for your car or those that go on top of a public seat)

Give it a shot, really nothing to lose right? Well maybe except your sanity for those three days ūüėČ We are about 4 months in and at this point R has finally learned to truly recognize her own cues and let me know when she needs to go. I still take her before we head out of the house but when we are out she’s pretty great at letting me know if she has to go.

Have you tried this method? Did it work? Did you try something else? What worked for you?

Long Lost Post

As seems to be the case every time I try to start writing in my blog it only lasts a few months before I lose my steam. This time I blame getting pregnant. Life has been been crazy these last 8 months and blogging has not taken a priority.

Quick recap of life:

  • September we learned we were pregnant with baby #2, yay!
  • October was spent travelling ALL over (Seattle, Ohio and North Carolina)
  • My first trimester was filled with night sickness, ugh
  • We began a remodel in January and are still working on it (the joys of DIY and not great planning on my part, lots of lessons learned!)
  • I decided to go back to work, very part time, in January and I’m loving it
  • Also decided to potty train this month (blog post coming soon)
  • February we had termite damage repair done that ended up costing way more than we expected but at least we are all set and our house won’t be falling down in the next earthquake
  • March my hubby took out a wall and installed a new beam to create an open concept from kitchen to playroom (the houses original living room)
  • R also got stitches after falling at the pool, scariest thing so far as a parent was watching her go through all of that
  • April we started with refinishing our floors and learned that the old wood couldn’t be used so we had to replace everything which turned out to be about twice as expensive (but we got the floors we really love so it’s totally worth it! I’m totally in love!)
  • Late April and we are finally beginning the “putting the house back together” part of our remodel
    • working on finishing up R’s new big girl room, need to install all new trim in most of the house, plus finish up baby #2’s room

Most of April was spent not in our own home and most of this year was spent with half our house empty/living out of boxes. It’s been crazy but we are so happy with the outcome and I can’t wait to see it all come together once we finally finish.

Hubby has been AMAZING! Most of this work he does himself and since I’m pregnant, well and much more lazy than him with this home remodel stuff, I haven’t been able to help much. We are finally approaching my time to help when I get to start decorating! That’s my favorite part.

And my toddler has been pretty great too. She’s a toddler and a bit crazy but with all that’s going on around her I don’t blame the poor kid. I’m hoping these next few weeks before baby brother comes will slow down a bit and we can get her back into her normal routine. Poor kiddo has gone through a lot of craziness and disruption and for the most part she’s such a trooper.

And me, well I just keep plugging along. It’s stressful at points but overall I keep a pretty positive attitude. I also am looking forward to the next few weeks of getting things back in order so that when baby boy comes we can enjoy our home more. Honestly the projects will be never ending, the joys of homeownership of a slight fixer upper and a hubby who loves working on the house, but at least the important parts of the house will be back in order.

So that’s been my life….crazy but awesome. We are so excited, and also a bit scared ha, about adding a little boy to the family. R is ready to be a big sister and looking forward to helping. As always I’m going to be attemping to keep up on the blog more but life tends to get in the way. Be sure to check me out on Facebook and Instagram since I post there a lot more often. Pictures of the new place coming soon!

See you soon!

Christmas Countdown

I¬†LOVE¬†the holidays! Growing up in Seattle was great because so much of my family was there. Every Thanksgiving we’d head out to the coast with my Grandpa’s side of the family and enjoy a day of lots of food and cousin fun. For Christmas we had SO many parties with so many different parts of the family! It was the best. I miss seeing all of my extended family during the holidays now that I’m not in WA. But it is fun creating new traditions with my new little family. Now I love spending Christmas at home seeing the excitement on little R’s face Christmas morning. Seeing life through the eyes of a child is an amazing experience!


It’s so fun creating new traditions with my fam. We host Christmas Even Brunch with our San Jose “family”, check out Christmas in the Park, went to My First Nutcracker this year, and created our first Advent Calendar.

It was super simple so I figured I’d share it!

I cut out stockings with my Silhouette cutter (this is literally my favorite craft tool I have!!) Downloaded this activities list from Etsy, cut them out and glued them to the back of the stockings. I decided I didn’t want to do many repeats so I pulled out some and made a few of my own. I added in Gingerbread House Making, Winter Artwork, Deliver Treats to a Neighbor, Christmas in the Park, and Check out the Lights on a Neighborhood Walk.

What I Learned –

25 days of things to do was ambitious! Sometimes I just don’t want to do things, this preggo momma is tired! Even though some were small sometimes the big ones were ¬†too much

Make sure you order the activities. This was my biggest mistake! I totally didn’t pay attention and ended up with big activities on weekdays when we didn’t have a lot of time. Opps!

In order for your little one to get into it you have to DO it. On the weeks where we did it most days R would get excited about it each day but if I forgot for a few days so did she. I think next year it’ll be more fun!


We had a fabulous holiday time with R this year. She got so into all of it, did an amazing job opening presents and actually played with all the things she got. I’m so excited to continue our family traditions and add to them when little man comes along.

What are your favorite holiday family traditions?

Super Mom

I’m always looking for new mom blogs and communities to check out and inspire me. Today I found Coffee & Crumbs over on Facebook. As I was checking out their blog there was one post that really resonated with me and got me thinking about if I was a Super Mom.

Looking back, I feel like I started this blog with the intention of trying to prove to myself and those around me that I had it all together. That I could do it all. That I was just as good at being a mom as I was at my job. That I could be SUPER MOM! I get lost in that sometimes. The desire to feel accomplished and needed and appreciated…and honestly viewed by the outside world as someone¬†who is good at this mom thing.

When I started this “job” of motherhood I honestly didn’t know if I’d be very good at it. I think that’s why I was trying to prove something, to myself and those around me. Work was life, not just a job to me. Leaving the comfort of something I enjoyed and was really good at was scary.

As my time as a mom continues, I’m realizing that I am Super Mom. The Coffee & Crumbs post was right, we are all Super Mom! We don’t need to “do it all”, what we need to do is love our¬†kids, have fun, and do what is best for them. There are good days and bad. For me, there are days when I’d rather have a glass of wine then sit and play with her or when I want to leave her in her room longer¬†so that I can get more¬†done around the house. There are also other days where she wants to play dress up and have a tea party. Or days where she says new words or does something new like jumping off things with two feet (mastered yesterday, SO proud)! Those days, and even moments, are what make it all worth it. It’s not about perfection, it’s about love and a sense of humor.

As R gets older it does get easier. Now at the ripe old age of 2 she is SO fun! I love my days with her. Sure there are days that are really hard…she’s been whining all day today, but she needs me and I love seeing her grow and develop. As we were sitting and doing puzzles with R at the end of the day my husband told me I had the patience of a saint because I didn’t just do the puzzle for her. Reality, don’t tell him this, is that as she’s attempting to get those pieces together I’m staring off into space dreaming of the things I’ll get to do in 20 minutes when she goes to bed, but I’ll let him keep thinking it’s patience I have.


This parenting thing is hard. Don’t make it harder on yourself. Take each day as a new opportunity to be Super Mom. Make a fort with your kids, blast music and have a dance party, have a glass of wine at 4pm if you need to. The thing that will make you the best Super Mom? Taking time for yourself and¬†recharging your Super Mom powers. Now go out there and live your Super Mom identity, you got this!

Toddler Schedule & Sanity

I’m a person who needs routine and a schedule. If I don’t have a plan for the day I am way more likely to sit and do nothing. I’m still trying to work out the best way to coordinate a schedule with little lady R and after months and months of trial and error I think I found one that is fun and simple.

weekly schedule

I found a few different ideas on Pinterest that I coordinated into my own schedule. I love that it gives us at least one thing each day that we can do. That way if we do nothing the rest of the day I still feel accomplished, we least kind of.

Make Something Monday
This is my favorite day because I LOVE crafts! On the days we do nothing, we at least do some sort of craft. I’m not afraid of getting messy with crafts either, I encourage paint, glue and I even have an upcoming project involving glitter! Yes glitter and a 2 year old!

dot paint qtip paint







We got paint dotters from a friend for R’s birthday and they are fabulous! All the painting sans mess! On the left we used a q-tip as our “brush”. We also swear by our Color Wonder markers!

Get Outside Tuesday
Pretty self explanatory but this is our guaranteed outside day, we get outside other days but this one I try to make longer. Park playdates, water play, bike ride and more.
This is an easy day too because, thanks to my amazing husband, we have an AWESOME backyard! On our most basic Get Outside Tuesdays we just hang out in the playhouse and enjoy the sunshine ūüôā


What’s Cooking Wednesday
Another one of my fave days! I enjoy showing and teaching R about cooking and she loves trying out new skills. Plus it gets me cooking more; I’m not much of a cook so I enjoy this aspect too. She’s even started using butter knifes to cut bananas and a few other soft items.

make something
Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins, Broccoli Cheese Balls and Strawberry Jam
coconut donuts
Coconut Date Donut Holes

A lot of the time I have her help me with my snacks or dinner for the evening but it really is fun for everyone. Added bonus? It keeps her busy while I’m cooking so she isn’t fussing at my feet, SCORE!

Time to Think Thursday
Science Day!! Last week we did baking soda and colored vinegar for fun eruptions.¬†We love sensory bins! Our favorite is our rice bin (if you have dogs DON’T let them eat this stuff, it’s not pretty!)

How fun is this!! And easy, plus I get to eat the rest of the Skittles bag woot woot!! Another option for this day is checking out the library or library storytime. R loves books so this is her happy place. Today was a library day and she had way too much fun. We spent 2 hours there, most of it was spent rolling around on the floor and bouncing around the room. It was absolutely adorable!

Tumble time at the library!

Fun Time Friday
Right now I’m part of a Friday Adventure Group so each Friday we find a fun activity in the area and head out. Hiking, amusement park, museum, etc. ¬†But once preschool begins we are only going to do the group once a month so R and I will find other fun adventures for the other weeks. There are SO many amazing things to do here in the Bay Area (be on the lookout for an upcoming post about my Bay Area Bucket List).


This schedule helps me keep my sanity and gives R fun daily activities. Plus it’s easy. One of my earlier plans was trying to coordinate more of a preschool schedule but I was too ambitious and most of the time we just ended up doing nothing I had planned. Plus Pinterest has way too many ideas and it was completely overwhelming. The themed days help narrow down the options too. Try it, see what works for you!

Learning To Find My Way

If you know me from my pre-baby life you know I was a work-a-holic (honestly who am I kidding, this hasn’t changed). It’s something I seriously struggle with now that I’m a stay at home momma. And as R gets older I find it even more of a struggle.

When R was young….well, she didn’t really do anything. Babies are blobs and to keep my own sanity I volunteered for everything¬†and added even more to my plate. I currently volunteer with five¬†different organizations and put in countless hours. But as R’s getting older she actually needs me more so than as a baby. She wants me involved with her activities, teaching her, playing with her and being present. I can’t sit and respond to emails while I’m breastfeeding anymore and she even actively asks me to put my phone down these days. It breaks my heart that a statement like that has to come out my 2 year olds mouth ūüôĀ

A couple months ago I joined an online mom/wife group and began something called Project Reset (check out The Home Loving Wife for more info). Essentially the goal is to figure out your values and prioritize your life based on those values. It took me some serious time to think about my values and how I was prioritizing my life around those values. I realized that I was not prioritizing my life based on how I wanted to live my values.

After some serious soul searching I realized it was time for changes in my life. I needed to cut back on my volunteer work, I needed to spend more time with my family, I needed to spend my time with the people I love not spend my time constantly responding to emails and managing people.

So this year has been huge for me as I’m discovering the things that really matter to me. R is becoming more interactive, more fun but also more demanding and it’s harder to find time with my hubby. I’m STILL trying to figure it all out, I don’t have all the answers. But I do know that I’m taking steps to understand myself better, to create a positive family environment and to lead by example for my daughter.

I spent the morning with a couple fabulous mommas at the beach. The overcast sky and mild temperature was actually amazing. I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda lady and it’s been crazy hot here so I was excited to enjoy a “comfy” day. Digging my toes in the sand, watching R play with her friends, shrieking about the coldness of the water. It truly was perfect and ¬†it was exactly what I needed to start off a weekend of focusing on my family.

This weekend I promise to keep my phone away more, to be present and excited with my daughter and to take some time to cuddle with my amazing hubby. Every step I take gets me closer to living out my life with purpose and happiness. I’m excited for this new journey I’m on!

Weekly Menu Planning

Back in 2012, when I was trying to loose weight for my wedding, I tracked EVREY single thing that I ate, planned my meals out every Saturday and spent Sunday prepping and making meals. It worked wonders and I lost 20 lbs in 5 months.

Nowadays tracking, planning, prep, etc. is much more difficult. Having a toddler running around makes it difficult to make the plans and stick with them. I’ve been back on the band wagon many times and a few weeks in something comes up and I forget to plan a week, forget to enter in my food, and I fall off.

So here I go trying again….I’m hoping that by doing a weekly blog post I’ll keep up more with the planning. I’m not going to enter food into any app or anything like that, I’m just going to plan the week and really push myself to stick to the plan.

So here goes……

Grocery List:
5 green peppers*
cheddar cheese
1lb grass fed beef
black olives*
free range skin on bone in chicken thighs*
artichoke hearts*
green olives*
pasture raised eggs
coconut flour
whole fat greek yogurt*
3 avocado*
3 tomatoes*
2 cans tuna
2 heirloom tomatoes*
shredded coconut
good seed bread
cheese sticks
*denotes items I purchased, others I had at home

All of the above gives myself and R breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the week. I’m loving doing all of my grocery shopping at New Seasons Market.¬†And the best part? I only spent $57.77 at the grocery store! When purchasing all organic, free range, hormone free food the prices can get a bit¬†spency but so far New Seasons hasn’t been too bad!

First up on the menu? Green Pepper “Not”-chos


OMG were these delicious! Large sliced green peppers, a few purple corn chips and lots of delicious toppings (we did tomatoes, black olives, beef, and cheese). Bake at 325 for 20 minutes and enjoy! In our house we LOVE nachos so this was a great way to make them lighter. Give it a try.

Stick around for more posts about all the yummy things we make this week, can’t wait to share!

Making Something New out of Something Old

My husband and I love doing DIY projects, but honestly it can get a bit spency. Plus time consuming with all those trips to the home  improvement store!

So since I tend to enjoy “cleaning” out the house often I figured HEY! Let’s find ways to use the crap we have to make something awesome! We have lots of plans so this post is the first in a series of awesomeness ūüôā

Project 1 – Changing Table to Outdoor Bar

When we first had R a friend gave us this changing table. It’s been used as a changing table, tv stand, toy storage and more. Recently we acquired new toy storage so the plan was to give away the changing table. As I was preparing to ¬†post it to ¬†NextDoor I had an aww-ha moment. This changing table would be PERFECT for the outdoor bar I’ve been wanting to build!

Original Pottery Barn changing table

This is what we started with. Great piece of furniture but needed some new life. So we decided to paint and put on a new top. We removed the top and measured it so we new what size to get for the new top.


Simple $20 piece of wood. My husband took care of this part (thankfully). We tested lots of stain options and decided on an oil type wood stain. But when we put it up against the paint color it was far too light. So we added oxidation solution on top (LOVE this stuff!)

While hubby worked on the top I worked on painting the old piece.


Our outdoor area has shades of brown/orange so we wanted to make this piece fit right in. I am not a lover of painting walls but painting furniture wasn’t so bad!


Here is our ALMOST finished product. We¬†weren’t quite sure on the top so we waited overnight to see how it looked once it was totally dry. The next morning we still wanted to darken up the color to provide more contrast with the base so hubby sanded, oxidized and finally applied a poly seal to the top.



Totally in love!! It’s so nice to have a place to put food here instead of on the outdoor dining table, it saves so much room. It is also a great place to store R’s toys and all the grill tools. Plus the perfect place to set up a nice little drink station for parties!

Total cost – $35 SO worth it ūüôā

5 Types of Friends I Have as a Mom

Growing up I seemed to have a new best¬†friend every year. I was still friends with the previous ones, it’s just that one relationship was the strongest and it seemed to change every year.

Nowadays, as a mom and an adult, I don’t have one single best girl friend (my husband is great and all but he’s no girl best friend ūüôā ) but instead I’m surrounded by lots of amazing women. Each of them holding their own special place in my life and part in who I am.

1.College Friends
For me this is mostly my sorority sisters with a few others mingled in. These women have a special place in my heart, they were a big part of who I am today. College was my time of self discovery and where I¬†“grew up” (kind of, I’m still working on that one). I feel like they also know the most fun me. The get drunk every weekend and dance all night me. I was so cool back then, nowadays 3 glasses of wine¬†and I’m hungover the entire next day.

image courtesy of google images
image courtesy of google images

2.Gym Friends
These are my motivation ladies. I’ve been working out pretty consistently since R was born and I LOVE it! I’ve never felt so strong. These are the ladies that keep me moving. They encourage me to keep it up and tell me my ass looks hot from all those squats I’ve been doing. Plus we also like to drink wine, especially on Fridays.

3.Volunteer Friends
These are my inspiring friends. These are the ladies that inspire me to be a better me and always keep trying. They are some of the most amazing women I know. They are moms, lawyers, philanthropists, coaches, survivors, the list goes on. Whether they are the women I’ve encountered during my time advising or with the League, these women are the people that keep me doing my best. They have so much on their plate yet they still have the time to give back to amazing organizations. Plus we enjoy lots of wine at all our events too.

4.Mom Friends
I love my momma friends. These are the ladies that keep me sane. They revel in my experiences and support me when I’m feeling like a shitty parent. And seeing our kids grow up together is amazing! We are all a little different but those little humans bring us together to laugh, cry, and drink lots of wine. That’s what moms need, lots and lots and lots of wine.

Image courtesy of google images
Image courtesy of google images

5.Old Friends
Sometimes these friends feel like a world away. I have such different memories with them¬†and they seem so long ago. But those are the things that connect us to¬†them. Those are the things that make you able to complete each others sentences even when you haven’t seen each other in years. Every time we sit down to have a drink together it all comes back so easily.

So basically the requirement to be my friend is that you like to drink. If you enjoy an adult beverage or two we’ll probably get along just fine. And if you don’t, well you better at least enjoy chocolate.

image courtesy of google images
image courtesy of google images

10 Things to Know for Camping with Tots

This past week was spent with R’s besties camping out in the woods and celebrating the little ladies 2nd birthday! I can’t believe she’s 2!

A tradition Matt continued from his childhood is waking up to a room full of balloons, so even though we were camping we kept it going!

Outside of celebrating her birthday we spent lots of time enjoying the great outdoors.

Ok, so let me preface this by saying that I haven’t been camping in YEARS! I went a lot as a kid, both with family and Girl Scouts, but it was probably high school the last time I camped. This camping was “supposed” to be easier because it was in cabins. But I swear tent camping would have been easier than these cabins.¬†It was nice¬†to have a stove and electricity but otherwise these cabins were basically death traps waiting to happen! Okay maybe I’m over reacting a little but seriously there were nails sticking out, broken benches, ugh.

We had such a blast! But I gotta say I’m quite happy to be home. Sleeping in my own bed and having a playroom to “lock” my kid away in is pretty damn awesome. We were too¬†ambitious, we planned on staying 7 nights, we lasted 5….barely. So here are a few things I learned while enjoying the great outdoors with the little ones:

10.¬†Don’t Do It!
If you’re thinking of going, just don’t. Instead put up a tent in the backyard and play outside. It’s much easier

9. Wrap your Kid in Bubble Wrap
They are toddlers. They fall a lot. Enough said.

8. Don’t forget the First Aid Kit
Believe me, you’ll need it. The bubble wrap I suggested above will help but I swear you’ll still need it. Likely for yourself too. One of our mommas cut open the bottom of her foot on the first day, not a fun way to start out the trip but she was a trooper and stuck with it.

7. Man on Man Coverage versus Zone
As often as you can, try to have just as many parents as there are children, or at least older children who can help the tots. The ground is uneven, there are hills to fall down, streets to get run over on, animals to get stung by, and a million other things to mess up the kids so you need as much coverage as possible

6. Lots and Lots and Lots of Spray
Bug Spray – I swear everything bites while you’re camping. We had flies, mosquitoes, freaking everything! I hate the damn bugs. Sunscreen – apply, apply, apply! I know, applying sunscreen to toddlers usually ignites lots of screaming but imagine trying to apply sunscreen to a burnt toddler. Give yourself a chance of avoiding a crispy lobster child by applying constantly


5. Remember, it’s Camping
That means it’s dirty. Really dirty. And toddlers attract dirt. They also really love putting dirt in shoes and then pouring it on each other and you


4. Go During the Week
This will allow you the weekend to recover from the crazy. Originally we planned Saturday to Saturday but after 5 days we were totally done. The last day was spent sitting in the grass entertaining our kiddos in the campground laundry room. That’s right, the laundry room. But the good part is we then had¬†Friday-Sunday to get ourselves back to some semblance of alive before the hubby had to go back to work Monday

3.¬†Nap Isn’t Just for the Kiddos
The kid takes a nap so you should too. The sun is exhausting, it’s hot, and you deserve it. It’ll keep you ready for more beers (see below). Plus it’s a family trip (not a vacation because anything that requires you to chase toddlers and be up by 7am is NOT vacation)! The perfect time to attempt to catch up on your missing sleep

2. Bring Lots of Booze
After chasing your toddler for hours all you are going to want after bedtime is a very large cold alcoholic beverage. But don’t drink too much, you need to be prepared¬†to wake up in the middle of the night¬†when something “scary” wakes up your little one and then again at the crack of dawn with a tot screaming in your face for breakfast

Even though we were EXHAUSTED by the end of every¬†day, we had such an amazing time. R had SO many firsts and it was¬†exciting¬†watching her explore. She went on a boat, she went tubing, had lots of ice cream, played horseshoes, played tether-ball and more. ¬†The adorable factor was on ¬†point for¬†80% of the week (the rest¬†was spent sleeping or stressing about safety). It was the longest and most fun week I’ve had in ages


In the end it truly was a great trip but my final recommendation? Don’t plan on going for a week. ¬†I think 2 nights tent¬†camping would have been perfect. Next year we will still enjoy a 4th of July #bestiesweek, and R’s ¬†birthday, at a cabin but more VRBO or AirBnB style. (We might be wimps but oh well)

Enjoy a couple nights of outdoor fun and excitement and then head home to relax for the rest of the weekend. It’s totally worth it!