It Starts….

Stay at home mom life has begun. I’m 3 weeks and 4 days in and for now I can say it’s interesting. I LOVE my little one but I’m just used to a different lifestyle. My work life was so hectic and constant GO GO GO! Although life now is tiring, from lack of sleep, the repetitiveness of it is a bit boring. Feed, poop, sleep….and repeat. Good thing Ryley is just the most adorable thing ever! Check her out:
Ryley Eleanor Bossenbroek
Born July 4th, 2014
6lbs 8oz, 18.75 inches
Matt and I are so lucky to have her. The first couple weeks were rough – the hormones were just making me crazy. I’m not an emotional person and for 2 weeks i was crying all the time. Not because I was sad but just everything, good and bad. Luckily things have leveled out quite a bit and I’m finally feeling back to normal. Plus Ryley and I are getting onto our own schedule too. She’s a relatively good baby and sleeps pretty well. Right now we are doing about 4 hours after her first night time feeding (from 10pm-2amish) and Matt does that feeding so I’m getting a bit of sleep. Thank goodness for Matt, he’s been truly amazing and SO helpful. I sure have myself an amazing husband 🙂
So since I’m now a SAHM I’ve decided to get back into blogging. I figure I’ll have a bit of time, eventually, to do this. And I’m excited to share my experiences along the way with others. Hope you come along for the ride 🙂