Foodie Life – Mother’s Day

In our family we LOVE food. A favorite activity of Matt and I pre-baby was enjoying amazing food. I miss those days of spending our extra income on food and wine instead of baby ha.

With Ryley we’ve been doing baby led weaning – basically that means she gets to eat what we eat, most of the time anyways. So for Mother’s Day after a day of fun I decided I wanted sushi for dinner. We headed over to Yuki Sushi in Willow Glen, which by the way has an amazing happy hour! The line was literally half way down the block! Luckily we squeezed in to the last available table.

Instead of miso soup this place serves noodles as their “appetizer”. And well apparently this is Ryley’s favorite food. Check out this video, so cute!

Ryley has been a good eater from the start. Last night we had salmon and she loved that too. Veggies aren’t really her fave but everything else she is great with. There has yet to be something that she didn’t go back for more. Hopefully Matt and I can turn her into to a foodie just like us!

Park Life – Cahalan in South San Jose

On Monday Ryley and I had our first PLANNED day of just 1 nap. I was a little nervous. How do I keep a 10 month old occupied and enjoying life for a 4 hour stretch and then a 6 hour stretch?!?! But we made it through!!

The morning was mostly taken up by going to the gym. Good excuse to go to the gym – keep Ryley occupied!

After our nap we decided to head over to Cahalan Park. I had read on Silicon Valley Toddler that it was a great option for young toddlers because they had a structure that was really short. Seriously – the structure was PERFECT! Ryley recently learned how to climb the stairs so this was additional practice climbing up the levels. There are 5 levels from the ground and only one has a part where they could fall, but it’s very low to the ground.

It took her a good 15 minutes to climb up. She was rather intrigued by the wood chips, one downfall of this playground, and I had to brush them off to keep her from trying to eat them. But she made it and then I helped her slide down the slide. We did it 3 times and then the sun starting hitting that area so we decided it was time to head home. The playground looks like it would be more shaded during other parts of the day but I’m not certain. The swings and the larger toddler structure had no shade. We’ll have to check it out at another time of day.

We had a really great time. Ryley got to actually experience a playground instead of just looking at it from the swing. It was a lot more fun for me too! I would absolutely suggest this playground to anyone with younger toddlers!

If you check it out let me know what you think!

Sorority Life – Chapter Advisor

As you know I’m the Recruitment and Marketing Advisor for the ADPi Chapter at Santa Clara. I LOVE being an advisor! It has been amazing to get back involved with ADPi and help these women through their collegiate days.

Recently our Chapter Advisor went back to work full time so she has decided to take a step back and has moved over to Finance Advisor. That left the role of Chapter Advisor open so for a few weeks I’ve been playing both Recruitment and Chapter Advisor roles.

Chapter Advisor is definitely different. I like it though, I’m excited to help the women in a different way. I think we may have found a new Recruitment & Marketing Advisor too so looks like I’ll likely be staying on as Chapter Advisor. YAY. I can’t wait to see how this all goes.

Wish me luck!

Been Away

So I’ve been away for almost 5 months. Not good, I was hoping I’d really get into this blogging thing. I go places and take lots of pictures of things I want to blog about but then just never get around to it.

Quick info on what we’ve been up to:

Can you believe Ryley is 10 months old! Seriously time has flown, it’s literally crazy! I love this little lady, she is just amazing! She loves to eat, pretty much everything, enjoys pulling herself to standing and walking assisted, going to the park and enjoying the swing, and lots more! We’ve been enjoying the California weather and we get to a park almost every day.

We are also in the process of buying a house! Can you believe it! We’ve decided to make some roots here in CA. We are super excited! It’s a bit smaller than the rental we are in but honestly this place has way more space than we really need and it’s not the safest of houses for a little one (with the pool and tons of stairs). So be on the lookout for more pictures and postings about the house!

I’m going to try to get at least one post per week. Ryley has dropped down to 1 nap so we are going to have to fill out time with things to do so I should I have lots to report on.

See ya again soon!