Super Mom

I’m always looking for new mom blogs and communities to check out and inspire me. Today I found Coffee & Crumbs over on Facebook. As I was checking out their blog there was one post that really resonated with me and got me thinking about if I was a Super Mom.

Looking back, I feel like I started this blog with the intention of trying to prove to myself and those around me that I had it all together. That I could do it all. That I was just as good at being a mom as I was at my job. That I could be SUPER MOM! I get lost in that sometimes. The desire to feel accomplished and needed and appreciated…and honestly viewed by the outside world as someone who is good at this mom thing.

When I started this “job” of motherhood I honestly didn’t know if I’d be very good at it. I think that’s why I was trying to prove something, to myself and those around me. Work was life, not just a job to me. Leaving the comfort of something I enjoyed and was really good at was scary.

As my time as a mom continues, I’m realizing that I am Super Mom. The Coffee & Crumbs post was right, we are all Super Mom! We don’t need to “do it all”, what we need to do is love our kids, have fun, and do what is best for them. There are good days and bad. For me, there are days when I’d rather have a glass of wine then sit and play with her or when I want to leave her in her room longer so that I can get more done around the house. There are also other days where she wants to play dress up and have a tea party. Or days where she says new words or does something new like jumping off things with two feet (mastered yesterday, SO proud)! Those days, and even moments, are what make it all worth it. It’s not about perfection, it’s about love and a sense of humor.

As R gets older it does get easier. Now at the ripe old age of 2 she is SO fun! I love my days with her. Sure there are days that are really hard…she’s been whining all day today, but she needs me and I love seeing her grow and develop. As we were sitting and doing puzzles with R at the end of the day my husband told me I had the patience of a saint because I didn’t just do the puzzle for her. Reality, don’t tell him this, is that as she’s attempting to get those pieces together I’m staring off into space dreaming of the things I’ll get to do in 20 minutes when she goes to bed, but I’ll let him keep thinking it’s patience I have.


This parenting thing is hard. Don’t make it harder on yourself. Take each day as a new opportunity to be Super Mom. Make a fort with your kids, blast music and have a dance party, have a glass of wine at 4pm if you need to. The thing that will make you the best Super Mom? Taking time for yourself and recharging your Super Mom powers. Now go out there and live your Super Mom identity, you got this!