Baby Life – 4 Months

I love the 4 month age, Ryley is SO fun. She smiles a lot, except when I’m taking pictures, giggles, “talks” and plays games. It’s awesome! She’s becoming so much aware of the world around her and enjoys being outside to investigate the world.

There is a thing called “4 month sleep regression” which I guess is the downside of this age. Ryley hasn’t gone super crazy in this regression but has done a bit. She used to sleep totally through the night but recently has started waking once or twice a night. Sometimes just crying out for a couple minutes and other times wanting to feed. And my “mommy ears” have really turned on because I hear her crying even before I ever hear her on the monitor (guess I don’t need that guy anymore).


I still feel lucky though because I’m in a Facebook group and people are talking about the troubles they are going through. There is this thing called Wonder Weeks and I guess around 4 months is called Leap 4. It’s a great developmental stage – and you can see it. It’s awesome. The way she looks around, taking in everything, it is truly amazing to watch. All that “learning” she is doing during the day is what affects her sleep. She started rolling over so that has definitely affected her falling asleep; when she rolls over she starts crying and hasn’t learned to roll back over to her back. But she LOVES sleeping on her belly once she’s actually asleep.

The past two nights we are back to sleeping full nights and I’m SO thankful! Even if she isn’t making me get up to comfort her I still struggle getting back to sleep. You’d think since I don’t even get out of bed it wouldn’t affect me much in the morning but I can feel a huge difference when I get the full 8 hours uninterrupted. It’s truly wonderful. We are almost done with this “regression” so hopefully her sleeping habits continue. Next up – teething…we’ll see how that one goes!


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