Baby Life – Change in Season

So it’s finally becoming fall around here. It started to get cooler and then was back up in the 90’s again. I’m excited for Fall, with no AC in this house I’m over the heat. However I never thought about the cooler weather when picking clothes for Ryley. So I didn’t have a ton of pants in the 0-3 size range so I decided to make some for her!

Love these trendy pants!

So far I’ve made her two pair but they are little SO dang easy I’m totally going to make her more. This is even easier than the dresses I’ve made for her; they only take about 25 minutes. And making them various sizes is easy. I went through my closet a few weeks ago and kept a few of the stretchy jersey items to use for more pants.

One of my favorite of her outfits, love the colors!

I want to figure out how to do onsies too but that’s a lot more difficult since they have nice seams and such. Maybe some day 🙂 Next summer I plan on making more dresses too, those are fun to make. I also love making her those headbands, especially since her hair is so flat it gives her head a little something extra. Soon I’m going to open an Etsy store and sell those and some other things I sew. Not trying to make a living or anything, just something fun to do on the side.

Next I’ll have to buy some fleece to make fleece pants for winter!


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