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When I first started thinking about cloth diapers it wasn’t about the cost savings to me, it was about the environment. The fact that disposables will never break down is just sad. But gesh there are SO many options I didn’t even know where to begin so I got a few different types to test out. Pocket diapers, All In One’s, Hybrid, and Covers and then all the different brands.

In the end we purchased Bum Genius and Alva pocket diapers, GroVia All in Ones, Thirsties and Bumkins Covers and Flip and gDiaper hybrids. Covers and hybrids are my favorite honestly. Here are my thoughts:

Pocket Diapers – I don’t see the point. If I’m going to put an insert into a flap in a diaper so that I have to replace both the insert and the diaper why not just go with All in Ones? I know you don’t have to put the insert into the diaper, which we don’t so that we can use the cover a couple times, but I just don’t get it except that they are cheaper than the All in Ones. These are one size fits all too so they are big

  1. Alva – a Chinese cheapo brand, they seem to work fine for us but I’ve read many bad reviews online
  2. Bum Genius 4.0 – The “name brand”, they are good but I don’t really see a difference between them and Alva, we’ll see if that changes as she gets bigger
Alva Cloth diaper

All in Ones – If they weren’t so expensive I’d probably buy all this type. It’s basically a washable disposable. It means you have to do laundry for sure but the ease of them is really nice. However the most recent GroVia’s I purchased aren’t soaking anything up at ALL and I’ve washed them the correct amount of times so not sure I recommend that brand.

Although still sized these aren’t as big as the pocket diapers

Covers – I use inserts and put them in a plasticy feeling cover. Similar to a pocket diaper but just no “pocket” to put the insert in. They work great, just wipe out the cover between each use.

Covers – you can buy them sized on onside fits all, we have both

Hybrids – I love these! You can use cloth inserts OR disposable inserts. We use both and it’s very convenient.

  1. Flip – these are from the same people as Bum Genius. I hate the insert, it’s WAY too big. I don’t recommend just based on that
  2. gDiaper – I LOVE these. they are so stinking cute. The covers aren’t waterproof so that’s something to think about but they have a waterproof pouch inside and then you stick the insert in the pouch. The disposable inserts are flushable or compostable so even though you are using disposables they aren’t as bad for the environment which I love. They are about the same price as disposables but like I said before it isn’t about cost to me but rather the environment so this is a great option
gDiapers that I love

But DAMN are disposables just easier! In the middle of the night we still use disposables just because when I’m half asleep it’s easier. So Matt puts her in a disposable when he puts her to bed and then I use them during the night and then Matt puts her in a cloth when he gets her up. I still don’t know if we’ve “made the right choice” but for now we are mostly using gDiapers. Not only convenient but super cute 🙂

Good luck in your venture to find your fit 🙂

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