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My grandma Virginia and aunt Laura came into town last week and we had so much fun, more on that in another post! Anyways while they were here they came to swim class with Ryley and I. Laura video taped us while we practiced Ryley going under water. Later I watched the video and I realized that I haven’t seen myself that happy in…well in a very very long time.

Being a mom is actually a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be. I was always so nervous that I was going to miss work and resent my little one for having to leave work (even though it was my decision). I love waking up every morning and getting to spend the day with her. I love taking her out and showing her new things; watching her discover the world around her.

I’ve really enjoyed all the things I’ve gotten to do with Ryley. She’s only 4 months so it’s only going to get more awesome from here! Right now we just do swim class (and play date stuff) but I’d love to do gym classes, music classes, and sign language in the future. We also plan on continuing the swim classes, it is a lot of fun.


I asked Matt if I seemed happier and he even said yes. He said I just seem more at peace and not so  “go, go, go” all the time so I’m living in the moment. My life is different and I’m enjoying it in a totally new way. I still have to keep myself busy, as I’ve mentioned in a couple other posts I’m still super involved, but it’s just different. It’s a slower life but it brings me so much joy. Being a momma is pretty damn amazing!

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  1. We (Great Grandma Virginia and Great Aunt Laura) loved spending the week with you. You definitely are right where you are supposed to be! You have a loving, beautiful family. Enjoy life….love you to the moon and back! Aunt Laura

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