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Out for a mom’s group play date!

One of the best things I did for myself, and likely for Ryley later in life, was to join moms groups. I absolutely LOVE my groups. Having them there, as someone to ask advice to and just a reason to get out of the house, is so helpful. We joined a group called Las Madres. We are in three playgroups within Las Madres. Las Madres is split up by year and then by area so we joined South Valley, Willow Glen and Los Gatos.

With the moms groups there is literally enough stuff for me to have something to do with her at least 4 days a week. I was a little nervous in the beginning, would it be too much? But honestly it keeps me sane. Right now she is feeding every 4 hours and doing 3 naps a day. So it’s nice to get out during one of her awake times to do something. It helps the day go by faster and gives me some adult conversation.

I highly recommend moms to get involved, whether their little one is 1 month, 1 year or any age. It’s great to have a support system. Plus it’s nice that all the kids are within a year of her age. She’s one of the younger right now but that just means I have other moms to ask questions to and give me advice. Having others that just went through it to talk to is great!

Plus as Ryley gets older she’ll have immediate friends. My oldest friend is fourth grade; how cool would it be if Ryley had a friend from birth? Crazy! Likely that won’t happen since we don’t plan on staying in CA forever, but still that option could totally happen with these moms groups.

Heading out for moms group!

Like my usual self I’m doing plenty of volunteering with the group. I am a strong believer in volunteering for the organizations that you believe have helped you. It’s just like the sorority, they supported me through college, and now my moms group is supporting me through this parenting thing. So here are my volunteer positions:

  1. New Member Coordinator for Los Gatos and South Valley Play Group
  2. Treasurer for Willow Glen Play Group
  3. 2014 Club VP
  4. Director at Large – Special Events for Las Madres

Typical me 🙂 I got an email double checking that I was ok with all these positions…obviously I am. Totally my style to get myself crazy involved. I love keeping myself busy. Plus I have great support from Matt; he’s SO helpful with Ryley and loves spending time with her. I won the husband and baby jackpot!

So for all the moms out there – if you haven’t already I highly encourage you to check out moms groups in your areas. It’s well worth it!


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