Baby Life – So Much Information

Before Ryley was born people gave lots of advice and many included books I should read. I read many, probably too many, and now that she’s here it’s hard to figure out what Matt and I really want to do.

I’ve read Babywise, The Baby Whisperer and 12 Hours of Sleep by 12 Weeks most recently. All of them have things I like but combining this is a bit overwhelming. I don’t think one way is the “best” way but rather just finding something that works with your child, and that my friend is the difficult part.

The Baby Whisperer is a great book – it focuses on understanding your own child. But it’s not that easy. I’m trying to listen to her cries and her body language and I just don’t know how to read it.
Then there is Babywise that has a relatively strict schedule. I’m a routine person so I like the idea and we’ve been going off of their suggested schedule mostly. The downside is, what if an activity we want to do falls during a time she is supposed to be doing something else?
12 Hours book also makes sense – similar idea of a schedule but more flexible.

I just don’t know….honestly all I can think about is getting a full nights sleep again. I know we will get there but I’m dying with the middle of the night feeding. I know I’m lucky too because she isn’t horrible or staying up all night or anything but I’m the type that used to get like 9-10 hours of sleep every night so to go from that to increments of 3 has been rough to say the least.

I think I want her to be older than she is, that’s part of the problem. She’s only a month old, I shouldn’t expect her to sleep through the night yet. Give it a couple more months, I know. I just want some sanity back in my life 🙂

Another thing that I miss is going to bed with my husband. Matt and I made it a priority to go to bed together each night. It was always a great way to end the day and for us to reconnect after our very busy lives. I can’t wait to have that back too. He’s been so great and helpful, I really am lucky to have him!

Here a few pictures of the little one sleeping 🙂

I love this picture – she is just the sweetest thing ever!

Couldn’t be happier


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