Baby Life – The Newborn Stage

So many of the baby books, blogs, community posts, etc. that I’ve read all talk about things that are really in the 3 months and older stages. Yet the first 3 months are some of the hardest. You have no idea what you are doing yet and it’s all very overwhelming.

Some people say that there is no information on the newborn stage because you “can’t spoil a newborn” so you shouldn’t worry too much about figuring it all out. They say to focus on the cuddles and enjoy that part.

I’m not that type….sure I love cuddles with my little one but I’m just not the type who can’t be in control, or at least trying to be. I started sleep training from the day we brought Ryley home. I wasn’t crazy strict about it but I did try to stick with our same schedule every day. Part of me thinks that why she slept through the night so early. The structure worked well for Ryley; 1 – Matt and I like routine and since she’s our kid it makes sense she would too, and 2 – babies like routine, they like to know what comes next.

Being in the newborn stage it was so hard feeling like there wasn’t much out there to help me get through it all. And it was so hard to read things telling me to just enjoy those first few months and not worry about it. I personally can’t do that. But I’ve learned that everyone does it differently and none of the ways are “wrong”.

For all the new moms out there – do what works for you. Don’t read books or blogs or whatever and think that something you are doing is wrong or worry about anything. You WILL figure it out…and once you do something else will change and you’ll have to figure that thing out. Do enjoy the cuddles. Enjoy everything about being a new mom. Be excited about each new thing they do. You get to make the decisions about you and your little one; trust yourself.

Whatever you decide is just fine! I have strong opinions about the way we decided to make things work with Ryley but it doesn’t make the way we did it the RIGHT way, just the way that worked for us. And if it doesn’t work you just try something else. I think that’s the best advice for any stage of child rearing, although I don’t know since I’m not there yet. You will get through whatever that little rascal throws at you. Every stage only lasts a short while so enjoy each and every one of them 🙂


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