Been Away

So I’ve been away for almost 5 months. Not good, I was hoping I’d really get into this blogging thing. I go places and take lots of pictures of things I want to blog about but then just never get around to it.

Quick info on what we’ve been up to:

Can you believe Ryley is 10 months old! Seriously time has flown, it’s literally crazy! I love this little lady, she is just amazing! She loves to eat, pretty much everything, enjoys pulling herself to standing and walking assisted, going to the park and enjoying the swing, and lots more! We’ve been enjoying the California weather and we get to a park almost every day.

We are also in the process of buying a house! Can you believe it! We’ve decided to make some roots here in CA. We are super excited! It’s a bit smaller than the rental we are in but honestly this place has way more space than we really need and it’s not the safest of houses for a little one (with the pool and tons of stairs). So be on the lookout for more pictures and postings about the house!

I’m going to try to get at least one post per week. Ryley has dropped down to 1 nap so we are going to have to fill out time with things to do so I should I have lots to report on.

See ya again soon!

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