Baby Life – A few of my Favorite Things

Life with a kid goes so fast. I wish I had been better about writing things down with Ryley’s milestones but I always forget and by the time I remember I forget when it actually happened. Same thing goes for our favorite baby items and toys. So here is my post of trying to get the list out of my head and down on “paper”.

Newborn stage:

  • Rock ‘N Play – this was one of my FAVORITE things. I didn’t use it as a bassinet but would put her in it while Matt and I ate, I needed to go to the bathroom, really anytime. Ryley never liked the vibrating but she loved the rocking. It was a serious lifesaver and it was inexpensive. I highly recommend this one
  • Sound machine – there are a billion options but I think anything that has multiple types of sound options will work. Ryley still uses this for naps
  • Boogie wipes
  • G Diapers – I LOVE these things. We wanted cloth diapers but they were so big on Ryley. These come in 4 sizes and actually fit her well. Plus they hold more than disposables, and of course have far less waste
Infant stage:
  • Monkey bouncy seat – once Ryley was too big for the rock ‘n play we got this seat. Ryley had so much fun reaching for the monkeys and bouncing. This seat was quite useful when I needed to take a shower 🙂
  • Pacifier clips as toy clips – I happen to think this idea is genius! We use the pacifier clips and put them on toys and clip them to Ryley so she can’t toss them. This is great for restaurants, walks, etc. It’s also been really useful for teething toys
  • Gum brush – speaking of teething toys, this has been Ryley’s favorite
  • Korean play mat – this thing is mostly for me, it’s squishy and comfy for me plus good for Ryley crawling. I like it more than the puzzle type ones because it’s thicker, Ryley can’t take it a part and it’s easy to clean
  • Usborne Touch & Feel Books – Ryley loves books and these are some of her favorite!
Toddler stage:
  • Little People ride on – Anything that plays music Ryley loves but this one especially
  • Bubble Gum Machine – It was amazing watching her learn how to use this toy. How to put the balls in the top and press the leaver to release the balls
  • Kid Chair – She loves grabbing a book and climbing into her little Pottery Barn chair, so stinking cute! I also got another from Target. She loves both
  • My First Touch & Feel Cards – My dad got her the First Words edition for her birthday and she loved them so much we got her the rest of the set. They have great questions for parents to ask their kids too. She isn’t to that point yet but we will get there
Once I publish this I’ll probably think of other things that I love but for now these are some of the things I want to make sure my fiends know about 🙂
What are some of your favorite things?

Baby Life – 4 Months

I love the 4 month age, Ryley is SO fun. She smiles a lot, except when I’m taking pictures, giggles, “talks” and plays games. It’s awesome! She’s becoming so much aware of the world around her and enjoys being outside to investigate the world.

There is a thing called “4 month sleep regression” which I guess is the downside of this age. Ryley hasn’t gone super crazy in this regression but has done a bit. She used to sleep totally through the night but recently has started waking once or twice a night. Sometimes just crying out for a couple minutes and other times wanting to feed. And my “mommy ears” have really turned on because I hear her crying even before I ever hear her on the monitor (guess I don’t need that guy anymore).


I still feel lucky though because I’m in a Facebook group and people are talking about the troubles they are going through. There is this thing called Wonder Weeks and I guess around 4 months is called Leap 4. It’s a great developmental stage – and you can see it. It’s awesome. The way she looks around, taking in everything, it is truly amazing to watch. All that “learning” she is doing during the day is what affects her sleep. She started rolling over so that has definitely affected her falling asleep; when she rolls over she starts crying and hasn’t learned to roll back over to her back. But she LOVES sleeping on her belly once she’s actually asleep.

The past two nights we are back to sleeping full nights and I’m SO thankful! Even if she isn’t making me get up to comfort her I still struggle getting back to sleep. You’d think since I don’t even get out of bed it wouldn’t affect me much in the morning but I can feel a huge difference when I get the full 8 hours uninterrupted. It’s truly wonderful. We are almost done with this “regression” so hopefully her sleeping habits continue. Next up – teething…we’ll see how that one goes!


Baby Life – Crying…

As a new parent crying can be a bit scary. You see the face on your little one and it hurts to see and/or hear them crying. And as a parent we want to make our baby feel better.

But sometimes crying isn’t bad. I believe that crying can be part of the growing process for little babies. They need to learn to self sooth themselves so that they don’t rely on mom or dad for everything. I wanted to share with your our process for working with Ryley for day time naps.

Age 0-1 Months

  • During this time getting her to sleep was actually pretty easy because babies just tend to sleep a lot. I didn’t stress too much about it and I often let her sleep on me or just in her rock n play. During the night she actually slept on me while I slept in a rocking chair. It wasn’t the best idea but it worked at the time.

Age 1-2 Months

  • I realized I needed to stop sleeping in the rocking chair so I told myself that if I could do two weeks of sleeping in my own bed I’d get myself a new Kate Spade wallet I really wanted. And it worked! If you are struggling with something give yourself a reward. A mani/pedi, a massage, a new purse, whatever it is that will motivate you DO IT!
  • At this point we worked on getting her to a more structured schedule. We were trying to follow a babywise type schedule. Feeding every 2.5-3 hours with around an hr nap in there as well.
  • When it came to crying we followed this:
    • Put her down and if she cried let her cry for 2 minutes then go in
      • When we go in we’d try to calm her in her bed for 30 seconds before picking her up
      • Once we picked her up we’d shhh her until she calmed down and then we’d put her back down
      • If she started crying while we were putting her down we’d still put her down all the way before picking her up and shhing again
    • Once she was down that time I’d leave the room. If she started crying again this time I’d wait 3 minutes and then follow the same process above
    • I would go thru this process until I had been trying for about 30 minutes. At that point I’d go ahead and sit down and try to rock her and do whatever needed to happen to get her to sleep

Age 2-3 Months

  • We still followed the same process as above but the timing changed to 3 minutes on the first time we go in and 5 minutes on those after
  • We never really ended up going in more than 3 times. If I have to go in a 4th time then I’ll usually try to get her to sleep somewhere else (her swing, her rocker, etc.)
  • We also moved to a 4 hour feeding schedule, this was seriously the best thing we ever did! I felt like a whole new person who wasn’t just a milk machine anymore. Plus her naps are actually longer (usually 1 hr nap in the morning and a 2 hour nap in the afternoon with a 30 minute cat nap in the evening)

Age 3-4 Months

  • Still same process but now we wait 5 minutes
  • Sometimes we’ll turn on her mobile, it really helps her fall asleep and now most times I don’t even have to go in at all. It’s been working very well
  • She also switched to sleeping a bit more during the day (2 hr nap in the morning and afternoon and still the cat nap in the evening)

And that is where we are at now. Seriously one of my favorite things was moving to the 4 hour feeding schedule. I felt like a new woman and felt like I could actually get things done during the day. I get longer stretches of quality time with her but also longer stretches of time to do stuff around the house (or write in my blog 🙂 )