Gym, Gym & More Gym

If you followed my previous blog you know that I’ve become somewhat of a gym person. Gym might be the wrong word as I’m not at a typical gym but rather Lift which is a Barre + Cycle studio. If you knew me prior to having a kid you are probably surprised by the fact that I now go to the gym at all, let alone at least 3 times a week!! And if you only know me post baby you’re probably surprised that I wasn’t a gym person prior to the babe.

Let me tell you – I’ve tried. I’ve joined gyms, gone a few times, stopped and continued paying the monthly fee for months, if not years. But I’m no longer that person. I’ve found what works for me.

It all started in September 2014. My friend Sally asked me if I wanted to do a barre classes with her at Barre3. Scared out of my mind, I agreed. The first time I walked into that studio I was SO nervous. A little bit for leaving my 2 month old with these people but mostly for myself. I had a fear of doing group classes because I wasn’t in great shape and didn’t want to embarrass myself. But I put on my big girl panties and went for it! Even after the first class I knew I loved it. Everyone was so nice right when you walked into the studio and the instructor was incredibly helpful. I realized, the other people in the class are all at different fitness levels too. No one cares if you can’t hold a plank or do very many push-ups.

I started out going once a week, then twice and eventually three and sometimes four times a week. At one point I moved from Barre3 to Dailey Method because of nap schedules for R. Then I stuck with Dailey Method, now Lift, and love everything about it! Lift is great because there is Barre, Heated HIIT, and Cycle classes. I don’t cycle much but I LOVE the Heated HIIT program. It’s got all the moves from Barre but in a heated room and fast paced. It keeps your heart rate up and keeps you SWEATING. I even did a Dry Tri last weekend where we did 45 min Heated HIIT, 45 min Cycle, and 45 min Barre classes back to back!


So long story short, I’m a gym person now. I take R at least 3 days a week and we dredge the 25-30 minute drive over to Lift so that I can start out my day feeling good. Honestly, I’m a better momma when I get my workouts in regularly. I have more patience and I’m more attentive when I make sure to take time for myself too. Added benefit, R loves the childcare and I think it’s good for her.

Do you go to the gym or do some other sort of exercise? If not, I really do encourage it. Literally NEVER worked out regularly before this and now I’m hooked. Give it a try 🙂

Fit Life – Food Sucks…but I Love It!

I feel like at this point I really shouldn’t call this extra weight “baby weight”. It’s been long enough that I really feel like if I had put my mind to it I would have lost it at this point. I know I haven’t given it my all but I also know I’ve never worked out more in my life!

I have been LOVING my workouts at Barre3 and Dailey Method. I started my workout process at Barre3. I love the vibe there and the culture, it’s very friendly and community feeling. They remember your name and were always great with Ryley. As Ryley’s nap schedule changed Barre3 class schedule didn’t work out as well so I started going to a 45 minute lunch class at Dailey Method. Then Ryley’s nap schedule changed again and I started attending Dailey Method Interval class, which is a more cardio based class.

I love interval but the past few weeks it has been kicking my butt to the point of not feeling great during class so I’m heading back to the standard barre classes to get myself back into the rhythm of things from a month of vacation and too much food. I start tomorrow and hope I can get back into my routine of 3-4 times a week! Dailey Method is great but the environment is a bit more cold. Cold might be the wrong word but it’s hard to describe. I love it now but when I first came I was a bit put off because it’s less friendly than Barre3 was.

So that is my working out….but my eating. That is really where I need to do better. When I’ve lost weight in the past it has always been because I did meal planning. Every Sunday I would make breakfast, snack and lunch for the next week and get it all in lunch bags for the week. I’d also have a plan for all of our dinners. With a little one it has been a bit harder to do that. Really that’s just an excuse. Instead of typing this blog post right now I could be meal prepping. But at the end of a day playing with a toddler I’m tired and what I WANT to do is sit on my computer.

I need to make some changes in this department. I’m not quite sure how to motivate myself but right now I’m not in love with how I’m looking in photos. I was thinking of trying the 21 Day Fix from Beachbody but I’ve always been so against that sort of thing. Seems like I’m paying them to tell me what I already know. My other idea was to find something I want but wouldn’t normally buy myself and make it a reward. I did this when Ryley was little and I needed to get my but back into my own bed. But right now I can’t really think of anything I really want.

So that is where I’m at. I’m trying to get my eating under control. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not over here binging on Doritos or anything but I need to have better portion control and less processed stuff (I love me some Lean Cuisine for lunch because I’m lazy). I also LOVE eating out and trying new foods. Matt and I are back down to our only twice per week eating out. That might seem like a lot to some people but we used to have times where we’d eat out most days so have to start somewhere right?

I’ll keep you all updated on how things go!