Long Lost Post

As seems to be the case every time I try to start writing in my blog it only lasts a few months before I lose my steam. This time I blame getting pregnant. Life has been been crazy these last 8 months and blogging has not taken a priority.

Quick recap of life:

  • September we learned we were pregnant with baby #2, yay!
  • October was spent travelling ALL over (Seattle, Ohio and North Carolina)
  • My first trimester was filled with night sickness, ugh
  • We began a remodel in January and are still working on it (the joys of DIY and not great planning on my part, lots of lessons learned!)
  • I decided to go back to work, very part time, in January and I’m loving it
  • Also decided to potty train this month (blog post coming soon)
  • February we had termite damage repair done that ended up costing way more than we expected but at least we are all set and our house won’t be falling down in the next earthquake
  • March my hubby took out a wall and installed a new beam to create an open concept from kitchen to playroom (the houses original living room)
  • R also got stitches after falling at the pool, scariest thing so far as a parent was watching her go through all of that
  • April we started with refinishing our floors and learned that the old wood couldn’t be used so we had to replace everything which turned out to be about twice as expensive (but we got the floors we really love so it’s totally worth it! I’m totally in love!)
  • Late April and we are finally beginning the “putting the house back together” part of our remodel
    • working on finishing up R’s new big girl room, need to install all new trim in most of the house, plus finish up baby #2’s room

Most of April was spent not in our own home and most of this year was spent with half our house empty/living out of boxes. It’s been crazy but we are so happy with the outcome and I can’t wait to see it all come together once we finally finish.

Hubby has been AMAZING! Most of this work he does himself and since I’m pregnant, well and much more lazy than him with this home remodel stuff, I haven’t been able to help much. We are finally approaching my time to help when I get to start decorating! That’s my favorite part.

And my toddler has been pretty great too. She’s a toddler and a bit crazy but with all that’s going on around her I don’t blame the poor kid. I’m hoping these next few weeks before baby brother comes will slow down a bit and we can get her back into her normal routine. Poor kiddo has gone through a lot of craziness and disruption and for the most part she’s such a trooper.

And me, well I just keep plugging along. It’s stressful at points but overall I keep a pretty positive attitude. I also am looking forward to the next few weeks of getting things back in order so that when baby boy comes we can enjoy our home more. Honestly the projects will be never ending, the joys of homeownership of a slight fixer upper and a hubby who loves working on the house, but at least the important parts of the house will be back in order.

So that’s been my life….crazy but awesome. We are so excited, and also a bit scared ha, about adding a little boy to the family. R is ready to be a big sister and looking forward to helping. As always I’m going to be attemping to keep up on the blog more but life tends to get in the way. Be sure to check me out on Facebook and Instagram since I post there a lot more often. Pictures of the new place coming soon!

See you soon!

Making Something New out of Something Old

My husband and I love doing DIY projects, but honestly it can get a bit spency. Plus time consuming with all those trips to the home  improvement store!

So since I tend to enjoy “cleaning” out the house often I figured HEY! Let’s find ways to use the crap we have to make something awesome! We have lots of plans so this post is the first in a series of awesomeness 🙂

Project 1 – Changing Table to Outdoor Bar

When we first had R a friend gave us this changing table. It’s been used as a changing table, tv stand, toy storage and more. Recently we acquired new toy storage so the plan was to give away the changing table. As I was preparing to  post it to  NextDoor I had an aww-ha moment. This changing table would be PERFECT for the outdoor bar I’ve been wanting to build!

Original Pottery Barn changing table

This is what we started with. Great piece of furniture but needed some new life. So we decided to paint and put on a new top. We removed the top and measured it so we new what size to get for the new top.


Simple $20 piece of wood. My husband took care of this part (thankfully). We tested lots of stain options and decided on an oil type wood stain. But when we put it up against the paint color it was far too light. So we added oxidation solution on top (LOVE this stuff!)

While hubby worked on the top I worked on painting the old piece.


Our outdoor area has shades of brown/orange so we wanted to make this piece fit right in. I am not a lover of painting walls but painting furniture wasn’t so bad!


Here is our ALMOST finished product. We weren’t quite sure on the top so we waited overnight to see how it looked once it was totally dry. The next morning we still wanted to darken up the color to provide more contrast with the base so hubby sanded, oxidized and finally applied a poly seal to the top.



Totally in love!! It’s so nice to have a place to put food here instead of on the outdoor dining table, it saves so much room. It is also a great place to store R’s toys and all the grill tools. Plus the perfect place to set up a nice little drink station for parties!

Total cost – $35 SO worth it 🙂

Growing What You Eat

I’ve never been much of a gardner. I remember being young and my grandma getting me out in the garden to plant flowers, I never loved it. But it sure is a great skill to have. You can literally feed your whole family but just growing your own produce. But you do have to have the time, the right garden spot, the right weather and some patience.

My first experience growing a veggie garden was in 2010 with my now husband. We had planter boxes in the backyard of our rental house and I wanted to see what we could do. He had been growing a few things years prior, like snap peas, but I wanted to do more. So we got out the gloves and garden tools and went to work. Zucchini, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, peas, and more. It was a fun weekend project. In the end the only things that actually worked were the peas, spinach (so easy to grow) and we got a HUGE zucchini. I have to say that giant zucchini gave me hope, hope that one day I could actually do something with this new found “skill” I wanted to develop.

Our next garden was 2012. We had moved to San Jose where you can pretty much grow anything all year because the weather is so great. We built two above ground planter boxes, and by we I mean my husband, and then planted lots of leafy greens and herbs. This one went TOO well. We could not keep up with the amount of kale and spinach we had so a lot of it ended up going to waste 🙁

Then again in 2014 at a new rental we did a small garden with leafy green and herbs. Thankfully we went smaller this time so we could keep up better. That year though none of our other veggies did anything so it was a bit disappointing.

This year I finally got the garden going! I’m doing a vertical herb garden using a pallet. This project was SO easy! Here’s what you need:

  • garden fabric (to protect from weeds)
  • soil
  • staple gun
  • seeds or plants

And here is what you do:

  1. Clean off your pallet and determine the size of each of your “pockets”. Mine were about 11 inches long and 4 inches wide and deep
  2. Using these measurements as a rough estimate cut out pieces of garden fabric for each section. I really didn’t measure exact. I made it a little too long and wide on purpose to make sure it covered well
  3. Fold each piece to fit in its section making sure that it covers the front, back and side of its section well20160528_203418
  4. Use a staple gun to attach
  5. Put in your soil and plant your seeds or plants

Easy as 1,2,3 (4 and 5 I guess too)









I put the pallet piece in the center of our garden area. On the left are tomatoes, on the right peppers and in the middle we have some squash and broccoli. I can’t remember which I planted where but we will soon find out as we have some growth just starting to sneak up through the dirt 🙂

Once we collect our first harvest I’ll post more pictures. I’m really hoping we can get some tomatoes and peppers! Nothing beats fresh tomatoes off the vine!

What sorts of things have you grown in your garden?


Married Life – We bought a house!

Wow I can’t believe it happened but we’ve finally purchased our first home! When we first moved to San Jose our plan was to only stay for a couple of years and then move on to Austin. We even spent a weekend down there and checked out open houses. Pretty crazy what you can get for your money there!

Back to our new home…we finally bit the bullet and just went for it! The house is a great starter home. 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom at 1600 sq ft. It’s a cute little house with a bit of spanish flare. Before move in we worked on the house, the previous owners had a few interesting things set up in the house.

Before move in we, as in 98% Matt, we worked on –
1) Garage: They had built a laundry room in the garage so you couldn’t park in there. We took down that room and then need to put in some extra rafters to support storage in the top of the garage to house all my decorations

2) Family Room: In the 70’s they put in a conversation pit around their fireplace. They raised the floor and then dug in a hole for the pit. We had to pull up all the flooring, fill in the hole with dirt and concrete, grind down the concrete that was under to be smooth, patch in dry wall, lay new floor and put in a new sliding glass door. This one is a big project, we aren’t done yet but it’s been fun and really hard so far!

3) Outside: They had an old rotting wooden deck in the back. I took it out, BY MYSELF!! Woot woot, go me 🙂 So eventually we are going to put down a tile porch and build a pergola. It’s going to be very fun and relaxing place once we are done!

Can’t believe we did it! But we love our neighborhood and our house, even though it still needs some work. We are so excited to have our own home 🙂