3 Day Potty Training

A few years ago my boss told me about potty training his first kid and they used a “3 Day Method”. I thought he was crazy, how could a kid potty train in just 3 days. Fast forward many years and here I am pregnant and with a toddler and thinking to myself “hmm, I think we should try to potty train before this new baby comes.”

So, as I often do, I went to my trusty Pinterest and started checking out potty training options. It seemed to be there were two camps – the quick and the drawn out. Everyone had an opinion on which worked best and I’m certain that for different kids and parents different ways worked best for them. In my time as a parent I’ve learned many things but especially that all parents and kids are different so what works for one set may not work for another.

Either way I figured I wanted to try this 3 day method. If it didn’t work I could easily go with the longer method. So here is our story of potty training in 3 days.

Preparing for Potty Training:

  • Get the kiddo excited about the potty, about wearing big kid undies, etc. Have them help you pick out the potty and undies and talk about what you’re going to be doing
  • Your kid is going to be NAKED, they will love it ūüėČ
  • Make sure you have an easy to use timer, you’ll be using it a lot. Make sure your kiddo understands that when the timer goes off we go sit on the potty
  • Get some potty books to read
  • Be prepared with towels and cleaning supplies to clean up any accidents
  • I recommend a tile or hardwood floor area of your house that you can keep your kiddo contained in (we used our playroom with baby gates up). If that isn’t possible I’ve heard many parents say they do this during the summer when they can spend most of their days outside
  • Remember that accidents WILL happen so be prepared to react appropriately with something like “ugh-oh we don’t go potty on the floor, we go in the potty” and then try on the potty even if they just peed a lake on your floor
  • You will need to watch them like a hawk so no Facebooking, laundry, etc. You need to have 3 days where you can sit and be with them at ALL times
  • Prepare a potty chart and some sort of reward. We did stickers for every successful potty and then a small piece of chocolate after 4 potties or a poop

Day 1:

  • We set up the potty in our playroom and basically just fed water to the kid ALL day long
  • Set the timer for 20 minutes and have them sit on the potty every single time
  • If they go praise them a ton and make a big deal out of it and how proud you are of them
  • If they don’t go just tell them good job and we’ll try again soon
  • Pay close attention to their cues, they may need to go potty between the timer and it’s your job to recognize those things and help them learn to recognize those cues
  • Make sure to talk about what it feels like when you have to go potty
  • Read potty books!
  • Expect a few accidents today, they are learning
  • Don’t sit longer than a couple minutes, there is no use making them literally sit on the potty all day

Day 2:

  • Hopefully Day 1 wasn’t too awful, you got this!!
  • Change your timer to every 30-45 minutes depending on how successful Day 1 was
  • Continue to praise a lot and watch them closely for the potty cues
  • Go with the same process as Day 1

Day 3:

  • Ideally you’ve seen some progression among the days here!
  • Set your timer for every 60 minutes today but remember to keep watching for cues
  • If the first half of the day goes well put on some undies for the second half to get them used to wearing them
  • If they are wearing undies give even bigger praise when they go potty
  • Ideally you’ll see no more than 1 accident on this day

And that was mostly it! By the end of day 3 we had gone on the potty enough times for her to know what it was and not be scared and she had begun to understand her own bodies cues. That doesn’t mean the work stops though! For the first few weeks a timer may still be a good idea, we stuck with every 60 minutes. It was actually a good reminder for myself too. And be sure to always remind them “make sure to tell me if you have to go potty”.

What NOT to expect:

  • Your kid will likely still need help getting their pants off and on
  • They’ll need help wiping
  • Sometimes it takes longer for kids to be ok with pooping in the potty
  • They may want to continue to use the little potty for a while but begin transitioning them to the big potty as soon as you can
  • Many kids are afraid of public restrooms for a while, there are lots of things to help (potty seats for your car or those that go on top of a public seat)

Give it a shot, really nothing to lose right? Well maybe except your sanity for those three days ūüėČ We are about 4 months in and at this point R has finally learned to truly recognize her own cues and let me know when she needs to go. I still take her before we head out of the house but when we are out she’s pretty great at letting me know if she has to go.

Have you tried this method? Did it work? Did you try something else? What worked for you?

Super Mom

I’m always looking for new mom blogs and communities to check out and inspire me. Today I found Coffee & Crumbs over on Facebook. As I was checking out their blog there was one post that really resonated with me and got me thinking about if I was a Super Mom.

Looking back, I feel like I started this blog with the intention of trying to prove to myself and those around me that I had it all together. That I could do it all. That I was just as good at being a mom as I was at my job. That I could be SUPER MOM! I get lost in that sometimes. The desire to feel accomplished and needed and appreciated…and honestly viewed by the outside world as someone¬†who is good at this mom thing.

When I started this “job” of motherhood I honestly didn’t know if I’d be very good at it. I think that’s why I was trying to prove something, to myself and those around me. Work was life, not just a job to me. Leaving the comfort of something I enjoyed and was really good at was scary.

As my time as a mom continues, I’m realizing that I am Super Mom. The Coffee & Crumbs post was right, we are all Super Mom! We don’t need to “do it all”, what we need to do is love our¬†kids, have fun, and do what is best for them. There are good days and bad. For me, there are days when I’d rather have a glass of wine then sit and play with her or when I want to leave her in her room longer¬†so that I can get more¬†done around the house. There are also other days where she wants to play dress up and have a tea party. Or days where she says new words or does something new like jumping off things with two feet (mastered yesterday, SO proud)! Those days, and even moments, are what make it all worth it. It’s not about perfection, it’s about love and a sense of humor.

As R gets older it does get easier. Now at the ripe old age of 2 she is SO fun! I love my days with her. Sure there are days that are really hard…she’s been whining all day today, but she needs me and I love seeing her grow and develop. As we were sitting and doing puzzles with R at the end of the day my husband told me I had the patience of a saint because I didn’t just do the puzzle for her. Reality, don’t tell him this, is that as she’s attempting to get those pieces together I’m staring off into space dreaming of the things I’ll get to do in 20 minutes when she goes to bed, but I’ll let him keep thinking it’s patience I have.


This parenting thing is hard. Don’t make it harder on yourself. Take each day as a new opportunity to be Super Mom. Make a fort with your kids, blast music and have a dance party, have a glass of wine at 4pm if you need to. The thing that will make you the best Super Mom? Taking time for yourself and¬†recharging your Super Mom powers. Now go out there and live your Super Mom identity, you got this!

Learning To Find My Way

If you know me from my pre-baby life you know I was a work-a-holic (honestly who am I kidding, this hasn’t changed). It’s something I seriously struggle with now that I’m a stay at home momma. And as R gets older I find it even more of a struggle.

When R was young….well, she didn’t really do anything. Babies are blobs and to keep my own sanity I volunteered for everything¬†and added even more to my plate. I currently volunteer with five¬†different organizations and put in countless hours. But as R’s getting older she actually needs me more so than as a baby. She wants me involved with her activities, teaching her, playing with her and being present. I can’t sit and respond to emails while I’m breastfeeding anymore and she even actively asks me to put my phone down these days. It breaks my heart that a statement like that has to come out my 2 year olds mouth ūüôĀ

A couple months ago I joined an online mom/wife group and began something called Project Reset (check out The Home Loving Wife for more info). Essentially the goal is to figure out your values and prioritize your life based on those values. It took me some serious time to think about my values and how I was prioritizing my life around those values. I realized that I was not prioritizing my life based on how I wanted to live my values.

After some serious soul searching I realized it was time for changes in my life. I needed to cut back on my volunteer work, I needed to spend more time with my family, I needed to spend my time with the people I love not spend my time constantly responding to emails and managing people.

So this year has been huge for me as I’m discovering the things that really matter to me. R is becoming more interactive, more fun but also more demanding and it’s harder to find time with my hubby. I’m STILL trying to figure it all out, I don’t have all the answers. But I do know that I’m taking steps to understand myself better, to create a positive family environment and to lead by example for my daughter.

I spent the morning with a couple fabulous mommas at the beach. The overcast sky and mild temperature was actually amazing. I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda lady and it’s been crazy hot here so I was excited to enjoy a “comfy” day. Digging my toes in the sand, watching R play with her friends, shrieking about the coldness of the water. It truly was perfect and ¬†it was exactly what I needed to start off a weekend of focusing on my family.

This weekend I promise to keep my phone away more, to be present and excited with my daughter and to take some time to cuddle with my amazing hubby. Every step I take gets me closer to living out my life with purpose and happiness. I’m excited for this new journey I’m on!

5 Types of Friends I Have as a Mom

Growing up I seemed to have a new best¬†friend every year. I was still friends with the previous ones, it’s just that one relationship was the strongest and it seemed to change every year.

Nowadays, as a mom and an adult, I don’t have one single best girl friend (my husband is great and all but he’s no girl best friend ūüôā ) but instead I’m surrounded by lots of amazing women. Each of them holding their own special place in my life and part in who I am.

1.College Friends
For me this is mostly my sorority sisters with a few others mingled in. These women have a special place in my heart, they were a big part of who I am today. College was my time of self discovery and where I¬†“grew up” (kind of, I’m still working on that one). I feel like they also know the most fun me. The get drunk every weekend and dance all night me. I was so cool back then, nowadays 3 glasses of wine¬†and I’m hungover the entire next day.

image courtesy of google images
image courtesy of google images

2.Gym Friends
These are my motivation ladies. I’ve been working out pretty consistently since R was born and I LOVE it! I’ve never felt so strong. These are the ladies that keep me moving. They encourage me to keep it up and tell me my ass looks hot from all those squats I’ve been doing. Plus we also like to drink wine, especially on Fridays.

3.Volunteer Friends
These are my inspiring friends. These are the ladies that inspire me to be a better me and always keep trying. They are some of the most amazing women I know. They are moms, lawyers, philanthropists, coaches, survivors, the list goes on. Whether they are the women I’ve encountered during my time advising or with the League, these women are the people that keep me doing my best. They have so much on their plate yet they still have the time to give back to amazing organizations. Plus we enjoy lots of wine at all our events too.

4.Mom Friends
I love my momma friends. These are the ladies that keep me sane. They revel in my experiences and support me when I’m feeling like a shitty parent. And seeing our kids grow up together is amazing! We are all a little different but those little humans bring us together to laugh, cry, and drink lots of wine. That’s what moms need, lots and lots and lots of wine.

Image courtesy of google images
Image courtesy of google images

5.Old Friends
Sometimes these friends feel like a world away. I have such different memories with them¬†and they seem so long ago. But those are the things that connect us to¬†them. Those are the things that make you able to complete each others sentences even when you haven’t seen each other in years. Every time we sit down to have a drink together it all comes back so easily.

So basically the requirement to be my friend is that you like to drink. If you enjoy an adult beverage or two we’ll probably get along just fine. And if you don’t, well you better at least enjoy chocolate.

image courtesy of google images
image courtesy of google images

This Mom Thing

Before R came I had been with the same company for 5 years. It was my first job out of college and I LOVED it. I had plans to go far in the company and was well on my way to making that happen. I was¬†really good at my job,¬†like really good, and now that I’m a mom I have to say I feel a little bit lost.

It’s not that I don’t love being a mom and love being home with my little lady, because seriously there is NOTHING better than a random hug and kiss from that sweet little toddler!, but it doesn’t come as naturally to me as working did. So I’ve been trying to find ways to make it more, like a job I guess. I’ll get excited about something (planning crafts, activities, etc.), then I get busy and then I forget and then I get excited about it again, do more work and the cycle repeats itself but I feel like I seldom¬†actually accomplish anything.

I’m also not a homemaker haha! I don’t love cooking and I hate cleaning, especially the laundry and the dishes (thankfully my husband is much better at those things that I, score for me!). So I’m feeling a bit lost when it comes to what I do and where I fit.

I try adding in volunteer work to fill that spot of “work” and that sometimes helps. But¬†trying to fit it in with my own hobbies and my family can be hard. There are times¬†I feel like those hours¬†are time I should be spending on R but then when I have that time I often have no idea what to do with it. I feel like before R, there was work and Matt with a little bit of other stuff. But now with R I have R work, volunteer work, hobbies work, Matt, home ownership, chef, maid, teacher, dog sitter, you get the picture. It’s not that I didn’t have some of those things before R but I swear I had way more time then ha!

So I guess what I’m trying to say about this thing called stay-at-home mommying¬†is I’m still trying to figure out what the f*** I’m doing. I’m trying to figure out where I fit into this equation of mother, housewife, etc. I definitely haven’t found my sweet spot. I’m not unhappy, there really is nothing better in life than being a parent, but I just don’t feel that same sort of¬†heart pumping excitement I used to get with work.

It saddens me to say that. Seeing R count to 3 for the first time the other day was AMAZING but I’m missing that same excitement for myself and the things I do. I get lots of time to be excited¬†for R and my hubby about all the awesome things they do but I don’t have things I do that give me the same “feel good” feelings work did. Sure I have hobbies, but I’m just not as good at them as I was work (although I have to say I’m getting MUCH better!).

I know it’s been two years, almost awwww, already but with a kid I feel like every few months is like starting a new job. Every time you think you have it down, they change.¬†So here’s to pushing on. Keeping strong, going with the flow, and encouraging myself to keep figuring it out. Someday, maybe I’ll get there.

How to lose your sanity in 5 minutes or less

The answer? Have a toddler…

Today was supposed to be a great day. We had plans with our Friday Adventure Group, more on that later, to check out Rancho San Antonio and Deer Hollow Farm. Then in the evening a fun date night with the hubby.

As per usual, things don’t always go as planned. R wasn’t having a great morning and said she wanted to stay home. She was being extra clingy and cry-ey (totally made that word up) so I thought it would be best to stay home. I was probably wrong….

So this story actually happened over the course of the entire morning, not just 5 minutes, but each instance was less than 5 minutes and each of them got me closer and closer to losing my marbles.

Anyway, ¬†I decided it would be a great day to take the dogs for a bath at the groomer. Husband forgot to charge his car so he took mine and I had the brilliant idea of walking our two dogs and pushing a stroller the mile to Petco. One would think this should be an easy task right? Well not with my dogs. One likes to run and the other hates the leash but in the end we made it work without anyone getting (seriously) injured. After arriving at Petco we insert meltdown #1 – R was SO upset we were leaving the doggies behind. This meltdown was cute so I didn’t get upset and we went on our merry way.

Next stop, Target to get myself some coffee and milk (so I can have more coffee at home later). This is where we insert meltdown #2. Apparently leaving Target isn’t something a toddler wants to do. I totally understand, but if I stay too long I’ll end up buying the whole store so I drug her out and we headed home.

Back at home it’s time for lunch so I set R up with some homemade chicken nuggets and mustard (she ate more of the mustard than the chicken). At one point I had to “potty” (will I ever use adult words again?!?!) and I come back to find her bowl of chicken nuggets is now all over the floor. After asking her to help me clean them up and getting a very bitchy “no” back we insert meltdown #3. I put her in her Thinking Chair for 2 minutes with her timer and after the first minute she had calmed down. We talked and I convinced her to help me (as much as an almost 2 year old can and still with a bit of sass).

And lastly we have bath time. My kid LOVES the water, as do most toddlers, but I swear this kid is obsessed. Lately she wants a bath or shower daily, which was not our habit before. Either way, I let her do a LONG bath today because she was having a blast and we were practicing our ABC’s. She started to get whiny and after all the crying and screaming from earlier my ears and head just can’t handle much more so I decide it’s time to get out and have an early nap time (only 15 minutes early so shouldn’t be a huge deal right?). Getting that kid out of the tub….oh lordy. Kicking and screaming and yelling that she wants more water. Sorry kid, this is the exact reason we are heading for nap. Meltdown #4 is just too much for this momma.

Thankfully my kid also LOVES books so I sat down in her chair, pulled out a book and she came and cuddled right up and calmed down. Snuggling with that little human is one of my favorite activities and I try to soak it up as much as I can because I know she won’t always want my cuddles. But after that morning I sure was thankful for nap time!

In the end, what did I do? I worked out. Wrote up my own interval class, got out my yoga mat and rocked out in the backyard! I feel way better.