Christmas Countdown

LOVE the holidays! Growing up in Seattle was great because so much of my family was there. Every Thanksgiving we’d head out to the coast with my Grandpa’s side of the family and enjoy a day of lots of food and cousin fun. For Christmas we had SO many parties with so many different parts of the family! It was the best. I miss seeing all of my extended family during the holidays now that I’m not in WA. But it is fun creating new traditions with my new little family. Now I love spending Christmas at home seeing the excitement on little R’s face Christmas morning. Seeing life through the eyes of a child is an amazing experience!


It’s so fun creating new traditions with my fam. We host Christmas Even Brunch with our San Jose “family”, check out Christmas in the Park, went to My First Nutcracker this year, and created our first Advent Calendar.

It was super simple so I figured I’d share it!

I cut out stockings with my Silhouette cutter (this is literally my favorite craft tool I have!!) Downloaded this activities list from Etsy, cut them out and glued them to the back of the stockings. I decided I didn’t want to do many repeats so I pulled out some and made a few of my own. I added in Gingerbread House Making, Winter Artwork, Deliver Treats to a Neighbor, Christmas in the Park, and Check out the Lights on a Neighborhood Walk.

What I Learned –

25 days of things to do was ambitious! Sometimes I just don’t want to do things, this preggo momma is tired! Even though some were small sometimes the big ones were  too much

Make sure you order the activities. This was my biggest mistake! I totally didn’t pay attention and ended up with big activities on weekdays when we didn’t have a lot of time. Opps!

In order for your little one to get into it you have to DO it. On the weeks where we did it most days R would get excited about it each day but if I forgot for a few days so did she. I think next year it’ll be more fun!


We had a fabulous holiday time with R this year. She got so into all of it, did an amazing job opening presents and actually played with all the things she got. I’m so excited to continue our family traditions and add to them when little man comes along.

What are your favorite holiday family traditions?

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