Dinner Time

I’ve never been much of a cook so I’m always on the hunt for easy and healthy dishes to make for the family. I’m also one lucky lady because my husband is actually a better cook than I am AND he actually enjoys cooking. So in our family we’ve decided to switch off each week who cooks dinner. It makes it so neither of us get overwhelmed with too much cooking. We do two weeks a month where we order HelloFresh (post coming soon) so we have that for three dinners which also helps cut down on the stress of figuring it all out.

I try to keep it simple when possible and to keep costs down. So here are a few of my favorite go to options for dinner

Chili Mac – although this one isn’t crazy healthy it’s delicious and makes tons of leftovers! It’s toddler and husband approved too

Healthy Mac ‘n Cheese – I LOVE this stuff. I don’t use as much cheese as it lists and I change out the veggie each time I make it. I also will often add a protein. This one is very toddler approved and even my husband likes the “healthier” option

5 Ingredient Pesto Pasta – I LOVE this dish because it is literally the easiest thing ever. We actually had it for dinner the other night. Ryley also enjoys this one, but without the leafy greens

Salsa  Chicken – this one is great because it can be used in so many ways! We make burrito bowls, salads, mix it with rice, quesadillas, the options are endless. R likes it with some greek yogurt and avocado for lunch. The one I normally make  it actually just chicken, adobo seasoning  and salsa. I vary the salsa to keep  it fun

What are your favorite simple go-to meals?

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