Family Life – Grandparents

Grandpa and Bo-Gee (bonus grandma) meet little Ryley!

This past weekend my dad and his fiancé came down to visit and meet Ryley. They were here Thursday thru Sunday and it was a great time having them. It’s my dad’s first grand baby so he was very excited. Ryley is finally more alert so she got lots of grandparent cuddle and play time. We enjoyed time out, took them to Matt and I’s favorite restaurant Enoteca, playing in the pool and some delicious mac-n-cheese made by Shawn. I even had leftovers for lunch today 🙂

It’s hard not having family close by but it’s great that they get to visit. Matt’s parents were able to visit 3 weeks after Ryley was born. She was a bit more of a “blob” then but they are coming out again in October and she’ll have grown SO much by then!

Look how much she’s grown just in the three weeks between the visits! Her head is so much bigger, adorable 🙂 Miss Ryley is also Grandma and Grandpa Bossenbroek’s first grandchild and they couldn’t be more excited to have a little one.

Ryley is one lucky lady! She has the grandparents above plus Leigh Ann, and amazing GREAT grandparents. We are going to be heading back to Ohio for Christmas so that she can meet Matt’s grandma Lucille. She has quite a few great grandkids but is still beyond excited. We’ll have to figure out when we are going to take a trip to WA to see my grandma Virginia; this will be her first great grand baby! I’m so glad Ryley will have all of these amazing people in her life; she is one lucky lady!!


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