Fit Life – Weigh in Thursday

Today was a great day; it’s my daughters 2 month birthday!
We had her 2 month check up, and for any of you with babies you know what that means – SHOTS! Poor little lady got 3 shots today. She was such a trooper! She cried of course, and Matt almost did too, but once we were home she was great. She slept much of the day and was fussy early on but got better as the day went on. Taking off the bandaids was the hard part for me, making her cry hurt 🙁
But the great news was that she weighed in at 10.5lbs! She was born 6.5lbs so she is doing great in the weight department. It feels good to know that I’m helping her grow. It’s a proud momma moment today!
Now for my weigh in….drum roll….I’m down 2 lbs, yeah. Better than nothing lol. I did start exercising with my first Barre class. It was hard work, but it was great. I’m going to start going every Wednesday. I haven’t gone to the baby boot camp yet but I’m hoping next week. It’s hard to find the time to fit in the exercise, but I know I need to, just so busy.
Life is good!

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