Fit Life – Weigh in Wednesday

First for a Wednesday – YAY!

This week will feature TWO weigh-ins, exciting 🙂 I had my six week postpartum appointment last Friday and was given the all clear for exercise. I’m not sure if I’m excited or not hehe. Well I’m excited but also having an excuse to be lazy was kind of fun, now I need to get my ass in gear!

Goal 1: Lose 25 lbs by birthday (April 24th)
Goal 2: Work out at least twice per week
Goal 3: Go on a minimum of 2 walks per week
Goal 4: Do yoga twice a week

I’m going to accomplish goal 2 in a few ways. I’m joining babybootcamp and going to do that once per week and then work out at home on my elliptical the other day per week. I’d like to say I’m going to work out three times per week but I’m trying to make realistic goals here.

For goal 3 I know Matt and Zoey will appreciate it. During the last couple months of my pregnancy we were going on a walk almost every night. Zoey LOVES walks and she was getting so used to it that if by the time the sun went down we weren’t up and walking she would be jumping all over us to get us going. It was actually kind of nice because if I wasn’t feeling it she made us do it.

For goal 4 I’m going to do yoga at home as well. My dad’s fiancé, Shawn, recommend yogaglo so I’m going to check it out. It’s $18 per month and you can target specific areas of your body and pick your timing too. I’ll check it out. Matt and I really enjoyed going to yoga before I got pregnant but doing it together with a baby is going to be a bit difficult.

So my starting weight as of August 15th is 152 lbs. My pre-pregnancy was 132 and I got up to 170. I gained too much weight but all for a good cause 😉 So yeah, that’s my goal. I’ll post each week where we are at.

Now for Ryley’s weigh in! This little lady is getting bigger by the day! It’s just crazy and amazing all at the same time. We weighed her yesterday and she was 9.5 lbs! Can’t believe it! I also can’t believe that some people give birth to kids that size. Our little girl was a small one but I’m thankful for that. She already looks so different; it’s very fun to see her growing. I can’t wait to see her grow year over year, as she gets older and see what sort of woman she grows into


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