Fit Life – Weigh In Wednesday…err Friday

Well all I can say is it’s been a long week…I haven’t lost any weight nor started my exercise. I know I know I need to get it started and I am going to. I actually signed up for Baby Boot Camp starting next Tuesday. It’s a bit spency so we will see how it goes. I get the first class free 🙂

My friend also asked me if I wanted to start taking Barre classes so I’m going to be doing that on Wednesday. I’m a bit nervous because I’m really out of shape but can’t get into shape without working out 🙂 Having a friend to keep you on track is always super helpful too. We are going to start next week as well.

Food has been so so – I need really quick and easy snacks/meals that are healthy and I struggle a bit with that. Things that can be eaten with my hands over a fork are great as well. Salads are a bit hard because I often eat with just one hand while I’m feeding Ryley so I need something I can easily put into my hand with no table to set it on. I need to do some Pinterest searching to figure out my options here.

Ryley is ready for football!!!!

On to more exciting news – Miss Ryley is up to 10.2lbs! She’s finally fit 10lbs, so crazy! Looking at her growth chart she is exactly where she should be so that’s great. I can tell she is getting heavier; my back hurts more haha

She’s in a weird in between size unfortunately – her newborn clothes are almost all too small, except a few plain onsies, and then her 0-3 months close are mostly too big for her. Baby Gap seems to be the best fit so far in the 0-3 month range but even those are a bit big. She’ll get there! It’s hard to buy baby clothes – I want to buy her some winter clothes for when we go to Ohio but I don’t know size wise where she will be. She’ll be 5 months old so I’m thinking she’ll still be in her 3 month old clothes since she’s on the smaller side. I just bought a few things from Carter’s that are 6 month and they look like they are going to be too big. And when you have to buy for the season you are in it’s harder to buy things on sale – it’s how they get you!

Anyways – not so good week for me but exciting week for Ryley 🙂

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