Fit Life – Weigh in Wednesday

So…let’s start with me. I really still haven’t lost any weight but I haven’t been very strict on everything. I definitely haven’t been watching closely what I eat, opps. I had a friend visit this past week so we went out a lot and drank a bit as well. It’s hard finding the balance and remembering to always put in my food to my food diary thing. That is my goal for next week.

My goal for this week is to get to Barre class twice! I’ve already registered, Wednesday and Friday, so that definitely encourages me to go since I’ve already paid. Thank goodness for Sally and getting me to go to the first class. I’m always nervous going to the first class but once I do that, and enjoy it, then I’m ok going on my own.

With my moms group I’m trying to find someone to go to a stroller fitness class with me too. Again I just need a friend to start with me and then I’ll feel more confident.

Now the fun part, RYLEY! She’s doing great. She’s been gaining more than well. She’s up to about 11.5lbs now and over 23 inches long. I love seeing her grow! I was looking at past pictures and it is seriously just so crazy how much she’s grown. Check it out:

A little blurry but she’s so little!

Her little legs are getting so chunky!

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