Foodie Life – Mother’s Day

In our family we LOVE food. A favorite activity of Matt and I pre-baby was enjoying amazing food. I miss those days of spending our extra income on food and wine instead of baby ha.

With Ryley we’ve been doing baby led weaning – basically that means she gets to eat what we eat, most of the time anyways. So for Mother’s Day after a day of fun I decided I wanted sushi for dinner. We headed over to Yuki Sushi in Willow Glen, which by the way has an amazing happy hour! The line was literally half way down the block! Luckily we squeezed in to the last available table.

Instead of miso soup this place serves noodles as their “appetizer”. And well apparently this is Ryley’s favorite food. Check out this video, so cute!

Ryley has been a good eater from the start. Last night we had salmon and she loved that too. Veggies aren’t really her fave but everything else she is great with. There has yet to be something that she didn’t go back for more. Hopefully Matt and I can turn her into to a foodie just like us!

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