Growing What You Eat

I’ve never been much of a gardner. I remember being young and my grandma getting me out in the garden to plant flowers, I never loved it. But it sure is a great skill to have. You can literally feed your whole family but just growing your own produce. But you do have to have the time, the right garden spot, the right weather and some patience.

My first experience growing a veggie garden was in 2010 with my now husband. We had planter boxes in the backyard of our rental house and I wanted to see what we could do. He had been growing a few things years prior, like snap peas, but I wanted to do more. So we got out the gloves and garden tools and went to work. Zucchini, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, peas, and more. It was a fun weekend project. In the end the only things that actually worked were the peas, spinach (so easy to grow) and we got a HUGE zucchini. I have to say that giant zucchini gave me hope, hope that one day I could actually do something with this new found “skill” I wanted to develop.

Our next garden was 2012. We had moved to San Jose where you can pretty much grow anything all year because the weather is so great. We built two above ground planter boxes, and by we I mean my husband, and then planted lots of leafy greens and herbs. This one went TOO well. We could not keep up with the amount of kale and spinach we had so a lot of it ended up going to waste 🙁

Then again in 2014 at a new rental we did a small garden with leafy green and herbs. Thankfully we went smaller this time so we could keep up better. That year though none of our other veggies did anything so it was a bit disappointing.

This year I finally got the garden going! I’m doing a vertical herb garden using a pallet. This project was SO easy! Here’s what you need:

  • garden fabric (to protect from weeds)
  • soil
  • staple gun
  • seeds or plants

And here is what you do:

  1. Clean off your pallet and determine the size of each of your “pockets”. Mine were about 11 inches long and 4 inches wide and deep
  2. Using these measurements as a rough estimate cut out pieces of garden fabric for each section. I really didn’t measure exact. I made it a little too long and wide on purpose to make sure it covered well
  3. Fold each piece to fit in its section making sure that it covers the front, back and side of its section well20160528_203418
  4. Use a staple gun to attach
  5. Put in your soil and plant your seeds or plants

Easy as 1,2,3 (4 and 5 I guess too)









I put the pallet piece in the center of our garden area. On the left are tomatoes, on the right peppers and in the middle we have some squash and broccoli. I can’t remember which I planted where but we will soon find out as we have some growth just starting to sneak up through the dirt 🙂

Once we collect our first harvest I’ll post more pictures. I’m really hoping we can get some tomatoes and peppers! Nothing beats fresh tomatoes off the vine!

What sorts of things have you grown in your garden?


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