Long Lost Post

As seems to be the case every time I try to start writing in my blog it only lasts a few months before I lose my steam. This time I blame getting pregnant. Life has been been crazy these last 8 months and blogging has not taken a priority.

Quick recap of life:

  • September we learned we were pregnant with baby #2, yay!
  • October was spent travelling ALL over (Seattle, Ohio and North Carolina)
  • My first trimester was filled with night sickness, ugh
  • We began a remodel in January and are still working on it (the joys of DIY and not great planning on my part, lots of lessons learned!)
  • I decided to go back to work, very part time, in January and I’m loving it
  • Also decided to potty train this month (blog post coming soon)
  • February we had termite damage repair done that ended up costing way more than we expected but at least we are all set and our house won’t be falling down in the next earthquake
  • March my hubby took out a wall and installed a new beam to create an open concept from kitchen to playroom (the houses original living room)
  • R also got stitches after falling at the pool, scariest thing so far as a parent was watching her go through all of that
  • April we started with refinishing our floors and learned that the old wood couldn’t be used so we had to replace everything which turned out to be about twice as expensive (but we got the floors we really love so it’s totally worth it! I’m totally in love!)
  • Late April and we are finally beginning the “putting the house back together” part of our remodel
    • working on finishing up R’s new big girl room, need to install all new trim in most of the house, plus finish up baby #2’s room

Most of April was spent not in our own home and most of this year was spent with half our house empty/living out of boxes. It’s been crazy but we are so happy with the outcome and I can’t wait to see it all come together once we finally finish.

Hubby has been AMAZING! Most of this work he does himself and since I’m pregnant, well and much more lazy than him with this home remodel stuff, I haven’t been able to help much. We are finally approaching my time to help when I get to start decorating! That’s my favorite part.

And my toddler has been pretty great too. She’s a toddler and a bit crazy but with all that’s going on around her I don’t blame the poor kid. I’m hoping these next few weeks before baby brother comes will slow down a bit and we can get her back into her normal routine. Poor kiddo has gone through a lot of craziness and disruption and for the most part she’s such a trooper.

And me, well I just keep plugging along. It’s stressful at points but overall I keep a pretty positive attitude. I also am looking forward to the next few weeks of getting things back in order so that when baby boy comes we can enjoy our home more. Honestly the projects will be never ending, the joys of homeownership of a slight fixer upper and a hubby who loves working on the house, but at least the important parts of the house will be back in order.

So that’s been my life….crazy but awesome. We are so excited, and also a bit scared ha, about adding a little boy to the family. R is ready to be a big sister and looking forward to helping. As always I’m going to be attemping to keep up on the blog more but life tends to get in the way. Be sure to check me out on Facebook and Instagram since I post there a lot more often. Pictures of the new place coming soon!

See you soon!

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