My Life – Workaholic

Back when I was working I LOVED my job. I’m still sad sometimes that I’m not doing it anymore but I know I wouldn’t be able to handle full time mom and full time work….that’s because I’m a workaholic. When I was working before I was working 60 hour weeks including most every night and most weekends. Even if I had Ryley in day care during the day, what would I do at night? I loved my job so much I couldn’t stop working. And Matt is the same way; we couldn’t have two workaholic parents. So Matt and I made the decision that one of us would stay home, and, well since he made far more money than I, it’s me that gets to stay home.

Given my workaholic tendencies though I knew I’d need other things to keep me busy and provide adult stimulation. So I continued with my sorority stuff I was already doing, Recruitment and Marketing Advisor as well as Alumnae Association President, and I joined a mom’s group. The mom’s group is kind of set up like the sorority. There is an over arching exec board which is then broken down into the year the child was born and then broken down into areas of the city. I joined 3 groups for the 2014 year – Los Gatos, Willow Glen and South Valley. And like normal I took on leadership roles.

Here is what I did prior to baby:
Recruitment and Marketing Advisor
Alumnae Association President
Alumnae Association Panhellenic Delegate

And what I’m doing post baby:
Recruitment and Marketing Advisor
Alumnae Association President
Alumnae Association Panhellenic Delegate
NMC for Los Gatos and South Valley Play Group
Treasurer for Willow Glen
Director of Special Events for Las Madres Exec
2014 Club VP

So yeah – I’m doing more things than prior to baby but just things that take up a lot less time. And things that aren’t required in order to get paid so if I’m slow or late on something it’s ok 🙂 I love being a busy person and I love giving back to the organizations that have given to me.

I give back to my sorority because it is what got me through college. And it brought me some of my greatest friends and memories.

I’m now giving back to the mom’s group that has helped me during these first few months of being a momma. It’s nice to have a reason to get out of the house each day. The mom’s group is that reason. Play date, mom’s night out, all sorts of fun things that get me out meeting other mommas and get Ryley interaction with other kids.

So although I’m no longer working I’m still just as much a workaholic as ever 🙂


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