Park Life – Fun Friday

We had a great morning! Ryley woke up with smiles as usual. My favorite part of the day is waking that little girl up. Her smiles make me so happy 🙂

After getting her up she enjoyed some time in her bouncy seat playing with her monkeys while I got  a much needed shower. Showers are harder to come by these days ha.

Then we enjoyed a great morning with our Las Madres mommas. We went to the most serene park in the middle of the cutest Los Gatos neighborhood, it was Bachman Park.

Bachman Park in Los Gatos

We were at the park from about 11-12:30. It was relatively quiet with a few kids playing on the playground. The park is pretty small with large grass area and a small play area. Ryley is still young so we aren’t to the stage of playing on the structures yet.


  • The setting is very nice and quiet. Perfect for relaxing
  • Small park so you can see everywhere
  • Those who were there were very friendly
  • Great location to grab lunch from downtown Los Gatos restaurant and enjoy it outside


  • Not much parking if it were to get busy, there was plenty when I was there but not sure how a weekend might be
  • Small play area

I want to take my husband back here. I can’t put my finger on it exactly but I just felt calm at that park. My husband loves being outside so I figure it’s a good option for us to hang out. Grab lunch from somewhere in downtown and enjoy this amazing fall weather we are having.


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