Park Life – I love weekends!

As a stay at home I wasn’t sure if I’d really notice weekends versus weekdays but I seriously love the weekends! I over them for a few reasons:

  1. Matt is home!
  2. We get to do things as a family
  3. We often head out to parks and Rylet loves it
  4. I have someone to help me
  5. I often get to work on other projects, like sewing
  6. Matt usually makes delicious 
This weekend was fun! We got to see our friends new house, have lunch at our favorite deli (which is La Villa in Willow Glen, if you haven’t bwen there you must go!), had lunch outside and went to a new park. 
This week we went to Chynoweth park. It’s the closest park with baby swings, it was just about a mile. We took to doggies and headed out. Ryley did great on the walk too. As usual here is the standard swing picture
Grumpy baby – she was smiling two seconds earlier I swear 

Toddler playground
This park actually only had a toddler (2-5) play area. It was small but totally functional and cute. There were only 2 baby swings but even on a weekend it wasn’t very busy. The biggest con was that it is right on a busy strret which can be dangerous with little ones. Edenvale Garden Park isn’t much farther but is a bit nicer so I think I’d rather go there. Still overall I’m glad we enjoyed some time there.
I love the weekends 🙂

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