Park Life – Parks, parks and more parks!

One of the greatest things about living in Silicon Valley is the weather. It is January and we are still able to go to the park! There is this great blog called Silicon Valley Toddler and she does awesome reviews of various parks. So I often check out her site for fun ideas for the weekend.

The first park we went to was Silver Leaf Park in South San Jose. It wasn’t too far from us which was wonderful. The park had a large green open space, which we didn’t make use of but would be great for the older children. The toddler area was nice as well. They had the rubber squishy stuff, 4 baby swings and it was all gated. Our little girl doesn’t really care about anything but the swings but I know she will in just a short while. As a momma I love the squishy rubber stuff too, much easier for my bum than tan bark 🙂

There were a couple cons – there wasn’t much shade, no bathroom and the park was a bit run down. There was some graffiti as well but overall we enjoyed ourselves.

The second park we went to, also recommended by Silicon Valley Toddler, was Edenvale Garden Park. This one was even closer to our house and if I was really pushing I might even be able to walk to (Google maps says its 1.2 miles which doesn’t seem far but I’m never sure how long Ryley will last in the stroller). The park was great! I loved the very “nature” feel, the walking paths and the play area was adorable. Here are a few pictures from our day:

We had so much fun! The train look of the park is super cute too. There was some tan bark but also the squishy stuff. We will absolutely be going back here!

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