Sorority Life – Initiation

The thing that makes each sorority different from the next is our ritual. It’s the secrets that bind us together. Sadly in this day and age you can find lots of things online about the ritual of various sororities; it makes me sad that people put this information out there.

Anyways….the chapter I’m advising has Initiation this weekend. This is when our new members, we call them Alphas, become sisters, we call them Deltas. (As a note: when you graduate you become a Pi, so Alpha Delta Pi). It’s a few days of just sisterhood. It’s a time to go deeper in your relationships with your sisters and bring our new members into the sisterhood. It’s all very exciting!

My initiation was May 2005…wow I can’t believe it was almost 10 years ago! I’ll be honest, I don’t remember a ton about my own initiation. As a new member you aren’t sure what the course of events are going to be and it goes by quickly. But as a Delta it is so awesome being a part of bringing the new members into our sisterhood. I always loved bringing my little Diamond Sisters through initiation. Bringing more women into our sisterhood and sharing everything that I love about my sorority was an exciting thing for me.

Ashlei and I hanging out on our bench! No other sorority has a landmark on campus 🙂

At my school on Blue and White Day we had a small ceremony at the Philomathian bench on our campus. The Philomathian Society was at ASU long ago and gave this bench to Alpha Delta Pi. We were installed on October 14th, 1950 and the second oldest chapter at ASU. It’s amazing to see how long we’ve been on campus. I feel old but I love seeing the pictures and hearing the stories of how my chapter is doing. I also love being an advisor to this other chapter. It all brings me back to the many initiations I was a part of. Sharing our secrets with our new members to continue the legacy of our sisterhood.

Pi Love!

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